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How To Deal with Dog bites

Translation of Hakeem Saeed’s “Dehati Mualij”

Chapter 1: Accidents contd…

If a dog bites someone its treatment is easy.

One should do the following:

  1. Grind the red chili in mustard oil and use that paste on the wound. After 3-4 days it will be fine;
  2. Grind the onion and salt together and put that paste on the wound, it will be fine after 3-4 days.

But sometimes it happens especially in villages that the dog is insane and it has bitten someone. It is very dangerous. It is very important that you recognize the insane dog.

nsane dog has the following symptoms:

  1. Its eyes are red;
  2. Its tongue is out of mouth and it is drooling all the time;
  3. It does not pick its head or tail up;
  4. It could not walk properly like a normal dog;
  5. Sometimes it falls on the ground while trying to walk;
  6. It does not bark;
  7. If it sees someone near it then it immediately bites without barking;

If such a dog bites someone and you are sure that the dog was insane then it would be best to take the patient immediately to a hospital. If it is not possible then immediately take a knife or something sharp and cut the place of bite with it, so that the venom goes out with the blood. Then use the above mentioned onion paste or make a paste of garlic and vinegar and use it on the wound.

One can also use (Argemone Mexicana seeds) satianasi seeds. Take 11 grams and boil them in 12 kg water and give the water to the patient after straining the seeds out. It will force the person to vomit or he will have loose motions and then all the venom will be extracted through motions or vomits and the person will heal.


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