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"Dehati Mualij" by Hakim Muhammad Saeed, Health

How to Treat Snake bite Part 2

Translation of Hakeem Saeed’s “Dehati Mualij”

Chapt 1 : Accidents; contd.

Snakes are found everywhere in the world. The interesting fact is that snake is scared of human beings and only bites when it is in danger. Biting is his safety mechanism. Around 5.4 million people are afflicted by snake bite each year.

Some snakes are more dangerous than the others so one should take care and avoid the places where snakes are seen or found. If the snake bite occurs when you are at a place where no one else is available to help then try to reach immediately at a place where people can help you.

What to do for snake bite if you are alone

If people are far away and you are alone and a snake bite occurs then do the following immediately:

  1. Find a safe space to sit down nearby before the venom in the snake bite drops your blood pressure and you pass out. Try keeping yourself awake and do not let yourself go to sleep.
  2. Remove all the decorative elements on your body including rings, bracelets, watches or any other thing that could become a problem if your limb swells up. If the clothes are tight just loosen them by opening the buttons.
  3. Take something sharp and cut the skin around the snake bite this way the flow of blood change and spreading of venom in the blood stream will be slower.
  4. Try to call out loud for help.
  5. If you have a cell phone immediately call the emergency police or ambulance and try to give them the exact location.
  6. If you begin to experience swelling of face, mouth, or throat; hives; difficulty breathing, etc then take benadryl and zantac.
  7. But if all these cannot be done then keep walking so that you could reach a safe place.

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