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"Dehati Mualij" by Hakim Muhammad Saeed, Health

How to Treat Snakebite


Translation of Hakeem Saeed’s “Dehati Mualij”

Chapt 1 : Accidents; contd.

Snakes are found everywhere in the world. The interesting fact is that snake is scared of human beings and only bites when it is in danger. Biting is his safety mechanism. Around 5.4 million people are afflicted by snakebite each year.

How to Avoid Snakebite

It is advised that if you see a snake do the following:

1.            If you see a snake do not go near it rather change your path;

2.            If a snake runs away let it go and do not follow it;

3.            Do not try to kill a snake just because you have seen it;

4.            Avoid going near the bushes at night because the snakes generally hide in bushes to rest;

It is generally seen that if someone sees a snake the persons consider it their duty to find and kill the snake but this is not advisable as it may bite when in danger.

Treating Snakebite

Even with all the care sometimes a snakebite happens. If one is sure of the occurrence of a snakebite then one must immediately do the following;

1.            Bind the body two inch above the snakebite tightly;

2.            Then again bind two inches above the first bind and tie it tightly, doing this will stop the poison from spreading with the blood flow as the blood flow will slow down;

3.            Now give a cut at the point of snakebite vertically and let the blood flow this will help extract the poison with the blood;

4.            Now clean the snakebite with water and fill the wound with permagnate of potas;

5.            If it is not available then wash it with warm water;

6.            If all this cannot be done then burn the wounded place with hot iron;

If the snake has bitten on a finger then it is better to cut the finger away from the body and save the life of the person.


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