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"Dehati Mualij" by Hakim Muhammad Saeed, Health

Treating Someone Who Has Fainted

Sometimes a person faints and in the villages mpst of the time people do not try to find out the reason and panic. Most common reasons for fainting are as under:

  • Weakness of heart or brain;
  • Head injury
  • Brain diseases
  • Too much heat
  • Excessive bleeding etc.
  • Falling from tree or wall;

If a person faints at home the family must be aware of the reasons behind this so they can guide the people and the life of the person could be saved, but if the person is found fainted in the fields or on road then one should try to find out what has happened and after judging the reason from the situation around the victim/patient, should try to give him the first aid.

  • If the person is bleeding try to stop the bleeding first and after that try to bring him to consciousness.
  • Put the fainted person on a plain surface and loosen the clothes around the neck and lower back;
  • If the persons face is yellow then lower the head so that the blood flows towards the head;
  • If the persons face is red then raise his head so the blood flows towards the other body parts;
  • After doing all this sprinkle cold water on the face and rub the underfeet and hands;
  • Mix lime and Ammoniac in equal amounts in a small bottle, add some water and put it under the nose of the patient;
  • Press the chest with both hands;             
  • When the person is conscious take him to the doctor if needed;
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