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Top 3 Lemon Beauty Tips

Salt and Sugar Hair Spray

This is a list of my favorite DIYs using Lemon. Lemon is powerful beauty aid used in many many recipes, here I will list a few of the best Lemon Beauty Tips.

Why Lemon?

Salt and Sugar Hair Spray

The lemon brightens, lightens, and clarifies the skin and aslo:

  • Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, so they can help brighten and lighten your skin when used over time
  • They help eliminate the over-production of oils.
  • They are antibacterial and help to clear away acne, pimples and blackheads.
  • Lemons have naturally exfoliating properties that remove dead skin cells and toxins.
  • Lemons help reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Lemon Beauty Tip #1: Lemon Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub

This Lemon Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub, is a strongly yet gentle exfoliating scrub, that makes your skin soft and silky smooth. It is suitable to use on both the body and the face. It removes all dead skin, cleans out pores, extracts toxins and leaves skin looking and feeling good.

How to Make?

This Lemon Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub is simple to make.

¼ cup Coconut Oil

¼ cup Lemon Juice

2 tbsp. Lemon Zest

¼ cup Gram Flour

Honey¼ cup

½ cup Epsom Salt

Sugar ¼ cup

¼ tsp. Turmeric


  1. Add Lemon juice and honey together in one bowl, mix with a fork until well combined,
  2. Mix in the Lemon zest, turmeric and the gram flour.
  3. When both are well incorporated, add coconut oil and mix well.
  4. Finally, add Epsom Salt and sugar. If the mixture seems too dry, add equal parts honey and coconut oil to dampen. Mix thoroughly to combine.

How to Use?

Use the Lemon Exfoliating Face and Body Scrub both while bathing and on your face.

Lemon Beauty Tip #2: Detox Face Mask for Normal to Dry Skin

This Detox Face Mask for Normal to Dry Skin has powerful cleansing properties, which suckling out the toxins from within our skin and pores. It cleans and nourishes, clearing and preventing blemishes, dry skin and discolouration.  

How to Make?

The Detox Face Mask for Normal to Dry Skin is simple to make.

1 tbsp. Honey

1 tsp. Bentonite Clay (pre-soaked)

½ tsp. Coconut Oil

1 tsp Lemon Juice


  1. Add the Honey to the coconut oil and whisk until mixed.
  2. If you have pre-soaked bentonite Clay available (method here) add heaped a teaspoon of the clay mix, and follow with the lemon juice.
  3. Whisk to combine.
  4. If using dry powdered clay, soak in the tsp of lemon juice + 1/2 tsp. water for ten minutes. Then mix the clay into a thick and smooth paste, adding more water as necessary. Proceed as from Step 2.

How to Use?

Apply a generous layer on your face, keeping it on for at least 20 minutes. Then place a warm wet washcloth on your face, letting the mask dampen and your skin warm up, then using warm water gently wash off the mask. Then finish cleaning your face using cold water to help close your pores. Apply your favourite moisturizer while your skin is still damp, I talk more about this technique in my Rose Water Hydrating Mist Post.

Lemon Beauty Tip #3: Gentle Exfoliating Face Mask

This Gentle Exfoliating Face Mask is something to use if your skin is too sensitive for scrubs. It works in place of a scrub to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin, toxins and dirt leaving the surface of your skin gorgeous. It is a great alternative if you want your skin to be a little exfoliated but not feeling like going the scrub route. This Gentle Exfoliating Face Mask is much easier and gentler on skin. Exfoliating masks are great options for fighting wrinkles on your face

How to Make the Mask?


1 tsp. Honey

1 tbsp. Rice Flour

½ tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

½ tbsp. Yogurt

½ tbsp. Lemon Juice


Mix all the ingredients  for  Gentle Exfoliating Face Mask together in a small bowl.

How to Use?

Massage gently in circular motions into the skin, then leave for 15 minutes or until it dries completely. Then wash with warm water, following with a splash of cold water and then apply your favourite moisturizer when your skin is still damp. I talk more about this technique in my Rose Water Hydrating Mist Post.

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