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Top 5 Worst Movies/TV Shows I’ve Seen in 2018

#5 Mortal Engines

Synopsis: This is a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic action adventure. It features the amazing concept of mechanized cities that roam around and consume smaller cities.

This movie was supposed to be epic; it was supposed to be a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic action adventure. It features the amazing concept of mechanized cities that roam around and consume smaller cities. However the movie completely failed to live up to the hype. I was just thoroughly disappointed. I mean the CGI was good, but like, that doesn’t even come close to mattering, compared to the plot and the characters, all in all I would not recommend. This definitely deserves to be on the Worst Movies/TV Shows list, just because of how disappointed I was.

# 4 The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Season 1

Synopsis: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is an adaptation from it’s Archie comic series, which itself is a horror genre take on Sabrina the teenage witch.  Sabrina Spellman is a half-witch, half-mortal teenager, who must choose between her two worlds on her 16th birthday. She faces the horrible decision between giving up immortality and power or giving up her friends and boyfriend. However as things go on Sabrina discovers that she doesn’t know anything about being a witch and that sinister beings are waiting in the shadows of Greendale.

This is one I’ve grown to dislike more as time went by; especially cause people love this and give it really positive reviews. It has earned it’s spot on the Worst Movies/TV Shows list. Overall The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is not as bad as it could be and quite enjoyable at times; however it is marred by the protagonist. Watch it at your own peril. If you want a recommendation try my review of “Anne with an E”.

I rate this show a 5/10.

# 3 The Kissing Booth

Synopsis: When Elle Evans (Joey King), a pretty, late-bloomer who’s never-been-kissed, decides to run a kissing booth at her high school’s Spring Carnival, she unexpectedly finds herself locking lips with her secret crush- the ultimate bad boy, Noah Flynn (Jacob Elordi). Sparks fly, but there’s one little problem: Noah just happens to be the brother of her best friend, Lee, (Joel Courtney) and is absolutely off limits according to the rules of their friendship pact. Elle’s life is turned upside down when she realizes that she must ultimately make a choice: follow the rules or follow her heart. Based on Beth Reekle’s self-published coming-of-age novel that became an international sensation, THE KISSING BOOTH is a Netflix Film, written and directed by Vince Marcello

This movie is good to watch on girls day in, as a sort of trashy movie that you can enjoy without thinking too much. Because the more you think about it the worse the movie seems. (Trust me this is something I have learnt while trying to review the thing). It seems inoffensive at first but the more you reflect on it the more bad stuff you find; this one earned it’s spot on the Worst Movies/TV Shows list. Overall I give it a 4.5/10.

#2 Sierra Burgess is a Loser

Synopsis: A case of mistaken identity leads to an unexpected romance when a teen joins forces with a popular student to win the heart of her high school crush.

Ugh, like I have seen floating round the internet, this movie should have actually been named “Sierra Burgess is a Horrible Person”. She literally engages in catfishing and what could be seen as sexual assault. She also backstabs the one person who had been helping her all along. She lies and schemes and is totally forgiven for all her horrible deeds because she acts as if being a little chubby makes her totally unattractive and victimised. This one was definitely horrible enough to make the
Worst Movies/TV Shows list.

#1 Insatiable

Synopsis: Patty is a teenager who was overweight and bullied as a teen. After being on a liquid diet for three months over summer vacation, she is now thin and seeks revenge on her bullies. She is helped by Bob, a disgraced and dissatisfied civil lawyer, who has no idea what she is about to unleash upon the world.

The reasons to dislike this show are pretty damn obvious. The show’s characters are ALL horrible, horrible people with absolutely zero redeeming qualities. And when I say zero I mean flat out zero, they are selfish, mean, repulsive human beings for the most part and whenever a character accidentally displays a hidden good side, it is promptly ruined by their next heinous act, which never fails to appear within the same episode. This keeps the watcher on the Edge of their seat yes, however the suspense and flipping between sympathy and dislike for a character quickly gets boring as you find yourself thoroughly hating the characters. I literally could not bear it and stopped watching halfway through the season.

There is no way I could have left out this repulsive mess from my Worst Movies/TV Shows list; it literally has no redeeming qualities.

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