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"Dehati Mualij" by Hakim Muhammad Saeed, Health

Sprain in Some Part of the Body

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Translation of Hakeem Saeed’s “Dehati Mualij”

Chapt 1 : Accidents; contd.

Sometimes by sudden or excessive exertion a  joint, ligament, or muscle gets sprained and it causes pain. Sometimes it happens by stepping on a stone or walking place is not smooth and one puts the foot in a small hole or something like that. It can also happen if someone tries to stretch the body with more effort than needed.

Sprains generally happen in feet, ankles, lower legs and arms and hands.sometimes sprain is so svere that the hurt part swells If something like this happens then do the following:

  1. Keep the affected part in hot water for about half an hour
  2. After that take a hot roti and tie it on the affected part with a bandage;
  3. Open the bandage after 5-6 hours and dip the place in hot water for 15 minutes;
  4. Massage the area downwards for 15 minutes;
  5. If it does not work the first time then do the same for three days;
  6. It will heal but if there is still pain then take the patient to a doctor.
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