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"Dehati Mualij" by Hakim Muhammad Saeed, Health

Remedy # 10: Falling From a Horse

Translation of Hakeem Saeed’s “Dehati Mualij”

Chapt 1 : Accidents; contd.

It is common accident in the villages that someone falls from a horse or a donkey. This may injure not only the person but the animals can also  get injured by this accident. If someone falls from a horse or a donkey and the animal also falls on him then follow these steps in sequence:

  1. Do not pull the fallen person from under the donkey or horse;
  2. First try to pull the animal up, it can take more than one person;
  3. While pulling up the animal ask someone to cover the fallen person with the saddle of the horse or with some thick cloth so that if the horse or donkey step on the fallen person he does not get more injuries;
  4. When the animal is getting up try and pull the fallen person away from the animal;
  5. When the animal is away and the person has been extracted from under the animal then you should start examining the person for injuries.

If these steps are not followed the animal can injure the fallen person more and the person can die.

Once the person has been extracted then do the following:

  1. Try to lay him down on a straight surface;
  2. Examine carefully for the injuries;
  3. If the person is bleeding first of all inspect the wound and with a bandage or a clean cloth try to stop the bleeding buy tying a cloth as bandage;
  4. If no open wound is seen then ask the person whether he is feeling pain somewhere and then examine that area;
  5. If the injury is on leg or foot then put a pillow under the leg to sooth the pain;
  6. If the person could not walk arrange for a cot and put him on the cot and take him to a safer place so that the first aid could be provided;
  7. Give the person cold water to drink;

First aid

If the bones are not broken but the person is complaining of pain in a certsin part then give him hot milk with turmeric and sauté some turmeric in ghee or oil and spread it on cotton and after placing it on the affected place, bandage that place.Give hot milk and turmeric for three days at least.

Note: If the person is unconscious first try to revive him before doing anything, if he could not be revived do not wait and take him immediately to a doctor.

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