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"Dehati Mualij" by Hakim Muhammad Saeed, Health

Remedy # 8: Shards of glass

shards of glass

Sometimes in the household glass plates, jugs or glasses break and glass shards are spread here and there. It is also common that we collect the shards of glass and throw them away carelessly and do not think that it may hurt the passerby.

“Dehati Mualij” Page 22

“Dehati Mualij” Page 23

If the glass breaks in the household then do the following:

  1. Do not walk around the place barefooted;
  2. Clean the area with a broom and try to collect all the pieces;
  3. Then carefully pick the shards of glass with a dust pan;
  4. Do not try to pick the shards of glass with hands as it may cut the hand and it is also possible that it might prick the hand and go inside the skin;
  5. After collecting all the shards of glass put them in a bag and if possible throw them in the dustbin;
  6. If the public dustbin is not available then keep them safely and wait for the recycling vendor and give it to him when he comes round;
  7. Do not throw the pieces here or there as they may hurt someone else;

If shards of glass go inside the skin then do the following;

  1. Try to pull it out with a tweezers and dispose it safely;
  2. If it cannot be pulled out with a tweezers then prick the place with a needle and then try to pull it out with tweezers;
  3. After pulling out the piece of glass put tincture iodine on the affected part;
  4. If tincture is not available use ghee and turmeric mixture after heating and mixing both use them with a cotton swab and do the bandage;
  5. If it all does not work then take the patient to a doctor;


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