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Suji ka Halwa – Sweet Semolina Dessert

Suji ka Halwa

Halva (halawa, alva, haleweh, halava, helava, helva, halwa, halua, aluva, chalva, chałwa) is any of various dense, sweet confections with roots in the Middle East, Central Asia, and India[1] . Suji ka  Halwa is a popular sweet  dish of all seasons and occasions. Everyone must have noticed the big dishes of suji ka halwa decorated with almonds and pistachio. Elders and children equally like eating it after lunch or dinner.

Ingredients for Suji ka Halwa

¼ kg (250 grams) Suji

Oil or ghee 250 grams

Sugar  500 grams (1/2 kg)

Water 1 liter

Cardamom 2

Almonds 100 grams (peeled and chopped)

Pistachio 100 grams

Chopped coconut 100 grams

Method for Suji ka Halwa

  • The first step in preparing Suji ka Halwa is to soak the almonds in boiling water for 2 minutes , then peel and chop them in small pieces;
  • Chop pistachio in two pieces;
  • Chop the coconut in long thin pieces
  • Sift the suji and put it in a bowl for handy use;
  • Heat the oil in a wide mouthed cooking pan and add cardamom ;
  • After 30 seconds add suji;
  • Keep stirring it with a cooking spoon so that it changes color from white to brown;
  • Now remove it from the flame and add water, sugar and all the dry fruit;
  • Put the mixture on high flame and keep stirring until it changes into a thick paste;
  • Suji ka hallva is ready;
  • You can serve it alone as a sweet dish;

Note: some people especially children like to eat it with puris, roti or nan.

Enjoy and let us know how you liked it


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  1. Looks delicious but a lot of these ingredients are hard to find in the west.

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