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Remedy # 4: If Something Goes in the Eye

Translation of Hakeem Saeed’s “Dehati Mualij”

Chapt 1 : Accidents; contd.

Accidents occur everywhere, in the cities and in the villages. The difference is that all the medical facilities are available in cities but in the villages generally no medical or first aid facilities are readily available. So the villagers have to travel long distances to access the first aid or medical facilities. This makes their life difficult. Here we will explain some of the common accidents and ways to deal with them. One such accident is If Something Goes in the Eye.

Remedy # 4: If Something Goes in the Eye

Rural people are more prone to these accidents due to the nature of their work and lifestyle. Sometimes a small insect or mote of dust, or straw gets in the eye and it is very irritating  and can damage the eye if something is not done immediately.

What to do If Something Goes in the Eye

  1. Do not rub the eye;
  2. Let the person lie down on his/her back and try to see inside the eyelids by opening the lid one by one. If you could see the object then try to remove it with a clean cloth or tissue paper;
  3. However, If the thing cannot be seen then put clean water in a large enough bowl and ask the person to dip his/her face in the water and open and close his /her eyes in that water, hopefully whatever is in the eye will be washed away with water;
  4. If it does not come out after this then put some ghee on the eye and do a bandage on the eye. Doing this will help the eye to work in a natural manner and in the morning it will be fine.
  5. If need be do it two to three times.

If a spark of fire, gun powder or fireworks goes in the eye then do the following:

  1. Do not rub;
  2. If you can see something in the eye then try to get it out with a clean cloth or tissue;
  3. But if you do not see anything then pour two or three drops of castor oil in the eye and do a bandage by putting some cotton on the eye, it will come out till morning and eye will be saved of any damage.
  4. If the eye is red then keep using castor oil for two or three days.

Note: If castor oil is not available one can use the egg white instead but before using it beat it thoroughly.

If an iron particle goes into the eye it could be extracted by using the magnet, but if it does not come out use castor oil drops or coconut oil drops. Two or three drops will wash out the eye and the particle will also get out. In this case do not rub the eye otherwise the eye will get damaged.

If the hot oil or ghee splashed and some of it went in the eye then immediately mix the lime water and castor oil in the equal amounts and put it on the closed eye using cotton. Do it three to four times a day. Within two to three days the eye will be healed.

If the white wash (lime) goes in the eye then immediately wash  the eye with clean water and after that put two drops of castor oil or coconut oil in the eye, You can also use egg white after beating.

If the eye is still red after the treatment then use lactating mothers milk or egg white in the eye. Two to three drops will work wonders.

Disclaimer:This blog is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The reader should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

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