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Doctors Discuss Epsom Salt

In this Article I am going to list three videos in which doctors discuss Epsom salts and their health benefits. Each of these videos discusses Epsom salts, how they can improve our health and the ways to use them.

Ask the Scientist #33 – Epsom Salt for Atheletes

Uploaded by EFX Sports

In this video Dr. Jeff Gollini explains the benefits of Epsom salts when used by athletes and those on a diet. He also mentions the origins of Epsom salt and it’s other health benefits. He goes into some detail on how to use and get the most out of Epsom Salt baths.


Magnesium deficiency – how to detect and cure it. What to do about it? Does the compound matter?

Uploaded by Ford Brewer

In this video Dr. Ford Brewer, an expert in Preventative Medicine, talks about the different forms of supplementary magnesium supplied on the market and their benefits and applications. He discusses Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate ) and also magnesium threonate supplements, which can be taken internally.

Epsom Salt Baths

Uploaded by Dr David Jockers

In this video Dr. David discusses the benefits of Epsom salt baths. He lists the best methods and the advantages to your health.

Where to Find Epsom Salt?

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