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My Top 10 Favourite Movies of All Time

#10 Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

The first entry into My Top 10 Favourite Movies of All Time ; Monty Python and the Holy Grail is Comedy Gold. It is a Parody of the Legend of King Arthur and is sidesplittingly entertaining and witty. It is that rare low-budget film that is not only hilarious, but ages well and is infinitely re-watchable. After I watched this movie for the first Time, the realization that I had been missing out hit me hard. This is a movie that you definitely do not want to sleep on. If you have not watched it I recommend going out and buying a copy right now.

#9 X-Men (2000)

I have previously mentioned the fact that I am a HUGE-GIANT-UBER-NERD FAN of the X-Men franchise, in my Most Anticipated Movies List. I watched this movie as a kid and was fascinated and entranced. This was one of my first Superhero films, this was way before the MCU and as a child I fell in love with the X-men. This movie will always remain one of my favorites. It is a fun ride full of adventure, heroism, some dark concepts and really interesting characters.

#8 The Avengers

This is the Superhero franchise that impressed everyone with the great execution of its concepts, interesting and intense characters interspersed with an element of fun. This superhero film got me hooked into the MCU and it really made me love all of its heroes (Iron Man is my Fav). This film made superheroes feel so awesome and just was a hell of a good time. I loved watching it when it released, I loved re-watching it before Infinity War and I suspect I will still be watching it ten years later. For me this action packed Superhero film is an unforgettable classic.

#7 Mean Girls

This film is a classic in the teen comedy genre. I love this film, it is a film that portrays high school and the petty student problems amazingly well. I identify and appreciate the characters and I even love the villain. This film was a fun romp that has a high re-watch value and is entertaining as heck. The movie is one of those that instantly get you invested and falling in love with its characters. I highly recommend it to everyone.

#6 Braveheart

The next in my list of Top 10 Favourite Movies of All Time is Braveheart. Braveheart is an amazing and completely wonderful historical film. It follows the life of William Wallace, a Scottish Commoner who faces a grievous injustice at the hands of the English Nobles. He wows to seek revenge and leads his army into victorious battle against the English. This is a very brilliantly made film which portrays the era realistically and creates characters with depth and insight that leaves you feeling their pain. It has brilliant themes and dialogues and heart wrenching tragedy.

#5 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This is a comedy flick based in high school around a suave operator named Ferris and his best friend who tries in vain to stop him from getting into trouble. The reason why this movie gets me is that it is just so much fun! I love watching Ferris outsmart everyone and trick them. When watching this movie you feel like you are Ferris’ friend. That is what makes this movie so engrossing and hilariously fun to watch. The whacky adventures are thrilling and uproarious, and the characters are so interesting that you cannot help but be hooked.

#4 A Walk to Remember

This Film to me is a timeless classic. It portrays the tragic love story of two high-schoolers, one of which has cancer and will die soon. This to me is a very immensely touching film with raw emotions and spellbinding romance. The two leads have an amazingly intense chemistry and the watcher feels their emotions with them. I love this film, it always makes me cry. It definitely deserves it’s place among my Top 10 Favourite Movies of All Time.

#3 Titanic

This is a movie well known and beloved by many and I am no different. I love this film, I adore it and the romance still takes my breath away. This is THE romantic film. I have nothing much more to say but that this film will always have a special place in my heart. I could never leave this out of my list of Top 10 Favourite Movies of All Time.

#2 The Lion King

Ah, Lion King, the childhood favourite. I have loved this film ever since I was in nappies. It is one of those films that earns a spot in your heart and never vacates it. The story of Simba is as powerful today as it was in 1994. I adore the characters, love the story, and obsess over the songs. These characters are so real to me and I adore Timone and Pumba; the dysfunctional parents.

#1 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

In my humble opinion: this movie is the perfect movie. It has everything, the wonderful and deep characterization, the rich plot, amazing execution, adventure, war, fantasy and romance. This is the film that is the standard one holds other films up to. It perfectly balances story with characters and brings high fantasy to life in such a way that it feels unimaginably real. For me this is the epitome of film-making brilliance. I cannot tell you how many many many times I have re-watched this film. It would have been a crime to leave it out of a list of my Top 10 Favourite Movies of All Time. If you have not seen it, what are you even doing here, reading this list, go watch it!


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  1. Anna

    I’ve watched all but #5 … can never seem to get into that movie. I guess I’ll have to give it another try this summer!

  2. Gavin Sutherland

    Nice – the lion king is a GREAT choice. I’m gonna be thinking all day what my top 10 are now

  3. Great diverse list of films from all genres! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great diverse genre list! Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Oh the Lion King!! I still cry! 😭

  6. Great selection of films, some classics that remind me of my childhood. I especially adore The Lion King, definitely need to rewatch it. Thank you for posting.


  7. Nijat

    Awesome list! I like that you did not forget about The Lion King – that’s my personal favorite.

  8. Hey, there! Thanks for sharing your fave movies with us. 🙂 I’ve watched most of these and they are very enjoyable, indeed! I love The Avengers and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!

  9. You have some awesome taste in films. Literally everything on this top ten list I’ve watched and loved or is on my list to watch. I concur with your #1. “Lord of the rings” series is just flawless and that movie in particular is amazing!

  10. Very well thought out descriptions. I haven’t seen Avengers all the way through. What about comedies? Do you have a fav and which one?

  11. Mean girls, A walk to remember, titanic, and lion king. ALL my favorites!!

  12. Those are great movies! Keep doing what you do!

  13. Really solid and diverse list of films! What are your other favorite Disney films? I love The Lion King as well but my favorites are probably The Little Mermaid and Mulan.

  14. I have seen all of them.. I agree with this list

  15. Mean girls is a classic. Great lists! My all the time favorite movie has to be Rare Window.

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