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Simple Home Remedy for Nappy Rash

Nappy rash is common in children of all ages. Rashes sometimes occur in elders as well. The rashes happen when the nappy is not changed frequently and children remain wet for a long time. These rashes sometimes occur in elders, when they perspire a lot due to hot weather, or the clothes are not soft and comfortable. Rashes develop when the skin is irritated by allergic reactions to bacteria, viruses, foods, metals, and other factors.

Most parents visit the doctor due to the nappy rash or use different crèmes to get rid of the rashes. Rashes are not generally dangerous to health but they are very irritating and child can cry due to these rashes and get uncomfortable.

The elders if develop the rash can also get very uncomfortable due to the rashes in armpits or other places. Here I am sharing a simple home remedy for the treatment of rashes which is very easy and effective and free of chemicals.


Mustard Oil – Picture Credits: Wikimedia

  • Mustard oil – Mustard oil is a natural antibiotic and is very effective for healing small wounds
  • Water


Take 2 or three drops of mustard oil and the same amount of water. Mix it well and apply on the affected place. If the affected area is bigger one can increase the amount of oil and water. Cover the affected area with this mixture and the rash will go after two to three applications.

This is a tested remedy and used in our family for a long time. Try and share with other moms so that they could benefit from this remedy.

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