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Stomach Problems? Try this Surefire Solution We Swear By

Why You Should Worry About Chronic Stomach Complaints?

abdominal-pain-2821941_1920Did you know that in 2002 alone stomach related diseases caused the death of more than 2 million people in both high and low income countries? Stomach cancer and diarrhea being among some of the chief causes; in fact non-communicable diseases such these are the chief causes of death throughout the world. Our digestive system is the foundation of good health and it’ malfunction is often the root causes of many of these ailments. [i]

“Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are the leading global causes of death, causing more deaths than all other causes combined, and they strike hardest at the world’s low- and middle-income populations.” – World Health Organization 2010 [ii]

Contribution of Digestive System to Overall Health

The Stomach is responsible for digesting the food which supplies energy to the whole body and different systems so traditional health practitioners (hakims) were of the view that 70 percent of health is achieved if the digestive system is working correctly. Maintaining digestive health is crucial to the body’s overall well-being.anatomical-2261006_1920

The process of digestion helps our food in breaking down into the form that can be absorbed into the blood system and carried to cells throughout the body to provide nourishment and energy. The digestion process starts in the mouth with chewing and swallowing. Saliva provides an enzyme that breaks the starch from the food into smaller molecules.

If there is a lack of digestive enzymes the food will not be digested properly and one will feel acidity or heavy stomach or any other disease related to the stomach.

The Ayurveda healers say that all other diseases are the result of stomach not working properly. If there is a deficiency in digestive enzymes your body will pull enzymes into the digestive organs from other parts of your body, which are critical for proper immune regulation and cellular processes. This could lead to a depletion of enzymes in other systems and processes not directly related to digestion.

It is highly important to improve the digestive system so that the whole body remains healthy.

Save yourself. Prevention is better than Cure.

The Solution

Now I suggest a simple home remedy for upset stomach which will work in more than 80 percent of the cases.

Trachyspermum ammi called Ajwain in Urdu and Hindi will do the magic. If your stomach is upset for long time use it after every meal for a month or so, you will see the results within days.

How to Use

Take ½ teaspoon of ajwain, put a pinch of salt and eat with water. Its easy and dirt cheap.

Let me know if you use it. I will write about your experience in my next blog.


[i] (World Health Organization, February 2007)

[ii] (World Health Organization, 2010)

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  1. My stomach sometimes like this and not being comfortable. This article may benefits to all of us suffering this kind of symptoms. Thank you for this wonderful article.

  2. Kshitij srivastava

    Yes, amazing remedy. My father do it on regular basis. Really helps in most of stomach related problems. Great post. Keep it up Daima

  3. Great write up I must confess

  4. Amazon sells it in whole seed form. I’m assuming I’d need to put them in my food processor and make it powdery? Could I cook with it?

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