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Adventures in Ink: Incoming Zombies by Zainab Rasheed

Welcome to “Adventures in Ink,” a thrilling series where every day, for the next few months, you’ll delve into the imaginative world of grade 7 and 8 students’ stories. As part of their term project, these young writers have crafted tales filled with suspense, adventure, and of course, the undead. While I’ve made minimal corrections for grammar and spelling, each story remains the original work of these budding authors. Get ready to be captivated by their creativity and immerse yourself in the gripping narratives they’ve crafted. The first was written and illustrated by my talented student Zainab Rasheed from class 7C.

“We’ve got our daily report: and it is to warn you about a “Zombie Apocalypse” originating from South-East China. The new zombie virus is spreading throughout the country and there might be a chance of it spreading to other countries as well. It is requested for all citizens of Tokyo to protect themselves at any cost,” the anchor person stated. My heart stopped after hearing this petrifying news. 

I had travelled to Tokyo for my studies and had only been there for three months. My name is Laura Elizabeth and I was born in Canada. “I think I should prepare a backpack with all the essentials and leave this place immediately!” I exclaimed to myself. A sudden fear rose in my soul and a chill ran down my spine. “Was this really happening?” I thought. 

I hopped into my car and on my way, called my parents to ensure that they were safe in Canada. “Hello,Are you guys alright? There is a zombie apocalypse in China and it’s spreading rapidly. Please take care of yourself and buy oxygen tanks to save yourself from the deadly air that is being contaminated with the virus.” I sorrowfully exclaimed but I sighed in relief upon hearing that my parents were fine.

I bought oxygen tanks for myself too and drove my car to a hidden place.A while ago, my dad had built an unapproachable fort in the woods of Japan because as the CEO of GrandTech he owns the latest technology in the world and he is paranoid about my protection. “This is the safest place for me now!”I figured. I stayed there that night. 

However, the next morning, what I witnessed was shocking. I peeked through a window and saw puddles of blood throughout the forest, a zombie was there, probably because of the smell of meat. I realized that the origin of that smell was me.

Instantaneously, I heard a loud bang on the backdoor of the fort. “Aahhh, I think it’s a zombie, I should hide!”I heard growling voices as I hid under a sealed container. My suspicions were correct but there were eight zombies.  “Think Laura, think!” I thought. Just then, my gaze went to a gun and I checked if it was loaded. “Yes!” I exclaimed. The gun was loaded and I gathered up my courage as cold sweat began to appear on my body. With trembling hands, I went on to open the seal of the container I hid in.”I can do this!” I reassured myself , with a tight grip on the gun. As soon as I opened it, a zombie attacked me but with all my might, I resisted it and pushed it with great force.

The zombie came charging at me, but before it could do that, I shot the terrible, brain-eating monster. The zombie fell on the ground, dead.

I hurried on and put on an oxygen mask but just as I left the room, I saw more zombies down the hallway. I hid in the room to stay out of their sight. “I need a better strategy!” I asserted. I went quietly and slowly towards the kitchen and took a piece of meat. I threw the meat towards the zombies and they started eating it like wild animals. This made their attention diverted and I took advantage of this time by shooting them from the back. Finally, I rescued myself from the zombies in such a catastrophe.

                                                           Written by: Zainab Rasheed 7c

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  1. Omer Rasheed

    Very good attempt towards writing. Thumbs up Zainab Rasheed keep doing with same spirit.

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