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A Teacher’s Reflection in Verse – A poem

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Hey everyone,

So, I was just lying in bed, lost in my thoughts. You know those moments when you start pondering stuff randomly? Well, I found myself thinking about how things are going for me at work, especially as a teacher. It’s funny how bedtime can turn into reflection time.

Anyway, I ended up jotting down this poem. No big explanations or anything, just my thoughts spilled out in words.

Check it out: A Teacher’s Reflection in Verse

Complexities of teaching abound

The way to speak, to utter a sound,

Matters much, a lot, for old and new

Experience makes wise, both men 

And women arise at sun-time, adieu

Encapsulate perfection, capture adoration, 

Project confidence, control of information;

Learn to teach and teach to learn

Otherwise you may be left behind

By those both wiser; and able to discern.

Those bubbling brooks, 

those chattering crooks, 

They drive you all the way round

The bend. While keeping your old bones –

Young and sprightly, mind unbound. 

They daily delight you

Then confound and spite you, 

These minds ripe, fields ready to sprout,

Whether they be weed, flower or seed

Is up to you, their coach for this bout. 

So worry not, and off you trot,

For your daily toils, teach a lot

To those ungrateful spoiled little sots,

With hope one day, they’ll leave us in

the dirt, something will sink in,

Some will be forgot,

So worry not, you’re doing well,

This is God’s work, this is, 

So do it sincerely, or not. 

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