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Journey Through the Whelm – A poem

photo of full moon on a twilight sky

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Embark on a journey through life’s ups and downs with “Journey Through the Whelm.” Through my humble words, I hope to connect with your own experiences and create a shared tapestry of life’s twists and turns.

Walking far, jumping high

Each woe betide, 

My vast wide world,

A scratch in my throat

A tickle up my spine floats

The whelm is overwhelmed

To get where I want takes 

a lot more than shakes

I sit and stare at burning lakes

Sirs and madames, 

With careless airs, 

Tiptoeing through their affairs

Graceful and daring

Their chit chat airing

Out people’s disgrace

They are those that walk uphill

Minimal effort, momentum it pulls

Their results and dreams still

On the other hand, I 

Trip and stumble on flat ground

Fumble my way through daily skies.

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