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Unattainable, Part 2

hungarian horntail dragon at universal studios

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This is part two of the narrative poem I wrote last time.

Bejeweled bright blooming red

Droplets fell on the mountains,

As one roared in victory and the other

Rebounded, falling back and retreating

One of the dragons raced closer, 

Growing bigger and bigger as he approached the cave. 

The girl stumbled back her hands still bound

Rushing out of the way of the massive mound

Of heaving torn flesh that entered the cave

To heal and recover or die in pain.

The pained dragon collapsed in front of her, 

it’s great golden gaze drawing to a close. 

The girl, panicked,

Frightened and frozen,

Stared in horror and awe,

She turned to rush out, to withdraw,

A groan rang behind her, weak and rattling

Unbidden her eyes drifted to the dragon battling 

It’s wounds and aches, a sight to see, 

The mighty beast bound and unable to flee.

I’ll never again,

get the chance to see,

a mighty beast such as thee,

might as well look my fill, afore I flee.

These thoughts arrested the fascinated girl, 

Pulling her feet from the path of freedom.

She turned back and fulfilled her curiosity,

That most wily, eager and treacherous of beasts. 

She tiptoed closer, 

And closer still, an imposer,

Upon the form of the dragon, 

The jewel-esque scales, still blinding,

Though tarnished in battle, still spellbinding,

Aglow, alluring, allusive, amazing,

His claws and fangs bright and white,

In the faint sunlight, the drakes’ bright azure,

Drew the eye and, entrapped her, who 

was already half-enamoured of dragonkind.

Her eyes turned next,

To the puddles muddling the 

Cave floor, covering the rich brown

In a carpet of bejeweled red, and tarnished

Black. Now struck, bewildered, with compassion. 

The girl gasped and leapt into action,

She treated the dragon, as if he was a 

human man, she ran out and amonst the trees

Found folliage friendly for fending off gashes

and grazes, scrapes and injuries alike. 

She spent days building fires, weaving leaves into bandages and vines into ropes, 

Heaving and working tirelessly, endlessly

Abruptly obsessed, the girl didn’t rest, till,

The beast opened it’s gargantuan eyes. 

Still she had a dilemma,

How to feed the beast?

Herself she could fend for, 

Eating berries and small prey,

Gathered in light of day, 

with slingshot roughly made,

But she had no hope of feeding one

Such as he. So immense, a great hulking

Beast, she tries her best, nonetheless,

But anxiously awaited the day he would repossess

His will and fire, his strength and solidity. 

to be continued…

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