Reach for the Light


Walk – A Poem

moon in dark night sky

Photo by Dom Le Roy on

Walk on the moon

With two straight legs

Or twisted spider feet aglow 

The pathway twists and winds,

Thinner and longer, the further you go,

An archimedean spiral; anfractuositical 

Walk on the wind, 

With arms as wings,

Spread out to stop the flow,

Air bending through thoughts, 

And feathers alike, lungs alight 

With it’s vivifying flux, an efficacious elixir

Walk on a leaf,

Stepping on its veins,

Sapping the strength from 

An organism more hardy than human

Bright and verdant supporter of miniscule

Lifeforms sustained within it’s hollow breast

Walk on your dreams

Like stepping on a nullity

Yet, they support you, afloat,

Yes, they have that strength, that power

If you will it. The path may be steep but it 

Will lead to where you wish to go indeed. 

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