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Today, I’m excited to share something close to my heart—a poetic escapade into a world where scales shimmer in moonlight and love takes flight on the wings of mythical beings. Grab a metaphorical cup of dragon-brewed tea and join me in unraveling the verses that breathe life into a love story written in the language of fire and winged whispers.

It’s a tale I’ve been itching to share with you, fellow dreamers and adventurers. So, let’s dive together into the enchanting narrative of dragons and love that has been swirling in my imagination. Get ready for a journey beyond the ordinary, where love is as fierce as it is tender. Let the poetry commence! 🐉✨

“Mama, what’s the name of that beast?” 

“Sweet dearie, it’s the king’s heraldry, 

you ought to know that at least!”

Her mother replied and then relayed,

that a dragon was displayed;

royal, resplendent and radiant, 

sharp as the deadliest blade.

Fascinated, was the svelte little girl,

Her ebony hair swaying as she played

Pretend that she flew as the dragon’s

Companion in the sky and the heart of the winds,

She frolicked in the glade

Chafing against her lessons in etiquette. 

She would sneak around with blades, 

Joining the boys in their knightly learning, 

She dreamed of adventure nightly. 

She was surefooted and brave, 

Praised in court and out, 

Carried and called upon by suitors galore

Sweet and kindly, a graceful maid, 

Yet nightly; she kept vigil and prayed,

So fervent were her wishes,

So evident her devotion, 

She called to herself, 

a being unlikely to be swayed,

The God of Dragons heard her admiration,

His fascination alighted – set up her damnation. 

Next week, as she picknicked,

With her noble companions – 

The plan was set and yet she stayed

Unaware, unprepared and unafraid –

The robbers descended upon the 

Oblivious noblemen, who folded as

Does a crisp starchy napkin dampened

with water and amidst the shrieking,

and screaming of delicate sensibilities,

One lady was carried away by the crowd. 

Unknowing and unsuspecting, 

The plan was well carried out. 

The robbers carried her off to their lair

In the mountains of Aseitair

Unknowing and unsuspecting, 

Of the greater being, 

Marionetting their actions, 

as steadily as the rise of the moon.

Before they could attempt any dastardly deeds,

They were interrupted by a voice almighty.

The roar echoed far and wide,

Setting the robbers to flee, 

As ants they descended the mountain, 

Escaping their fate as bait

For the two mighty beasts who competed 

In the sky near the cave,

The lady watched, mouth open wide

As the king’s of beasts 

Battled in the sky. 

She was as fascinated and awestruck,

As she had imagined herself to be

The sight driving her breath out her body

In a swoosh of envy

She peered and gazed and spectated

As the two behemoths battled boundlessly,

Their horns as sharp as knives

Their teeth deadly bright, 

Scales shining as stars,

They made quite the sight. 

Bejeweled bright blooming red

Droplets fell on the mountains,

As one roared in victory and the other

Rebounded, falling back and retreating

One of the dragons raced closer, 

Growing bigger and bigger as he approached the cave. 

The girl stumbled back her hands still bound

Rushing out of the way of the massive mound

Of heaving torn flesh that entered the cave

To heal and recover or die in pain.

The pained dragon collapsed in front of her, 

it’s golden eyes drawing to a close. 

To be continued…

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