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The Princess and Her Sultan Chapter 6

The Princess and her Sultan

Chapter 6

The battlefield was still, a pool waiting for the first pebble to touch the surface. The air felt heavy, syrupy with the anticipation of violence. Tense vibrations ran up and down Abdullah’s arms, where he held clutched tight within them the reigns of his hisan, the fierce horse-like creature tossing it’s head, and snorting. 

Around him, the entire battalion consisted solely of Farsan – Elite Cavalrymen of the empire. Each of them rose a hisan mount, a horse-like creature, with the claws and fangs of a wolf. Hisans were prized war-mounts bred in the southern-most reaches of the empire in Tankh province, they were stronger, faster and more bloodthirsty than horses, the ideal mounts for war. 

Abdullah’s own nervousness stemmed not off a concern for his own safety, at least not solely, but because of the man arrayed in a common soldier’s uniform, just at his back. The broad-shouldered, classically handsome man was atop a prize hisan, with impeccable armour and expertly applied cosmetics, to disguise his distinctive golden hair and skin. 

“Don’t worry, it will be fine, the plan is perfect,”  reassured the man behind him, tugging on his gauntlets with casual ease and grinning in complete confidence at his own martial prowess. 

“How can you be so calm? You don’t know how much could go wrong, this is a very risky plan.” Abdullah hissed at him from the corner of his mouth, a frown pulling at his brow. 

Mehmed lifted his hand and patted him on the shoulder, complete confidence wafting from his mien. “I believe in our men and in my strategist.”

“Ugh, I pray to Tanri that he will save your reckless skin.” Abdullah muttered with a frown, grabbing the saddle of his own hisan and hauling himself into his seat. He sighed and straightened his shoulders, looking around for the General, he soon spotted his plumed helmet a 100 paces ahead. “I must confer with General Karim, wait here for me, I will join you as soon as I have confirmed the battle plan.” 

“Sure, sure,” Mehmed grinned at him, waving him off with a sunny smile of complete inconcern. Abdullah felt anxiety spike through him, the more unconcerned Mehmed was, the more he felt uneasy, though this valley location was the most secure, having told only the most trusted Lord, he still felt the raised hair on his arms. 

Abdullah flicked his reins, a grim set to his mouth, even as he heard Mehmed turning to chatter with his fellow soldiers, his good natured voice low and assured. 

General Karim was at the head of the formation, and he had no idea of the precise stakes of this battle, being totally unaware as to His Majesty’s presence. He looked up as Abdullah approached, “Ah, Duke, we were waiting on you, I assume 

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