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Featured: A Review of the Pakistani Drama “Meri Shehzadi”

Introduction to Meri Shehzadi

Meri Shehzadi looks like a typical Pakistani political story, specially at this critical time of politics. Although reviewers are comparing the story with Princess Diana story but to me it looks like the story of Benazeer Bhutto. 


Most reviewers write `with the launch itself, “Meri Shehzadi,” which was initially titled “Meri Shehzadi Diana,” made no qualms about being a Pakistani adaptation of the Princess Diana story.  Throughout its run, it has successfully “localized” the story, allowing Pakistanis to not only relate to the lead character in a Pakistani avatar, but also see the correlation between Dania and Princess Diana in regards to their lives and struggles.` I do not agree with this statement. 

 And yet, on a level, I hoped that Dania would see a happier outcome and maybe – just maybe – the writers would find it in their hearts to give Dania the happy ending Benazir Bhutto was unable to have.  

The Story

Starring Urwa Hocane, Atiqa Odho, Ali Rehman Khan, Manzoor Qureshi and Farhan Saeed, “Meri Shehzadi” also starred Qavi Khan before he fell ill and passed away.  The story has been beautifully written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by Qasim Ali Mureed.


In the finale, Sheroze (Ali Rehman Khan) and Shahana (Atika Odo) come up with the perfect plan. They demand that Dania (Ulwa Hokine) be cleared of all grudges and all court charges against Dania dropped in exchange for her release from Sheroze. For Dania, this seems like the best way and a great way to start a new life with Dr.  Hasan (Farhan Said).

Around this time, the general public also realized that Dania had a right to be happy and again supported her decision to leave politics. The stage is set for her Dania happy ending, but do we dare breathe a sigh of relief? Of course not. Because Shahana has always been positive and has taken her ultimate final step. After all trials and charges were dropped and photos of Shahana and Sheroze released, Shahana killed Dania and Hasan in a car accident that was disguised as an “accident”. The move allows Shahana and Sheroze to advance their political careers, while Sanaura (Manzour Qureshi/Kavi Khan) must tend to his wounds and the decision to trust his family. 


There is something hauntingly poetic about the finale of “Meri Shezadi,” leaving the audience both satisfied and heartbroken. That’s how you expected the final episode to end, right? But that tiny hope remained — that Dania and Sheroze could reach a peaceful settlement and that Dania could just get along with her own life, Hasan and her children. That being said, this is also the nature of politics, the mechanics of corruption, and a manifestation of cruelty in a world we really don’t understand. 

The performances, especially those of Attika Odoh and Urwa Hocain, were commendable, and both performed their roles brilliantly. Attika Odoh did a great job playing Shahana, a woman determined to protect her legacy and status by any means necessary. Urwa Hocain has once again proven that she is an underrated actress and that she gives her heart and soul to Dania. Ali Rehman Khan’s character, Sheroz, was not a likable character. Still, Ali’s performance is outstanding. Because Sheroze is the son of her mother who never had a real thought of her own and was controlled and manipulated. And playing such a character is not easy. Of course, Kabi Khan, the true soul of the show, delivered an unforgettable performance and Manzoor Khan did his best to maintain the quality of that performance. 

Last but not least, Farhan Saeed came out to breathe some fresh air into the grim show and managed to make us smile with this performance. Well-written and beautifully directed, ‘Meri Shezadi’ tells a story that offers something different for Pakistani theater audiences. It’s a really nostalgic drama.

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