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The Princess and Her Sultan – Chapter 4 part 4

The Princess and her Sultan

“Yes, certainly, my dear. Andra Hashim will present himself to you this night around evenfall,” replied her father, surprising her by getting to his feet and escorting her out of the room himself. At the door, he stopped and turned to her, features solemn, “Always remember, my dear Anousheh, you will always have the support of your family, come what may. Don’t hesitate to turn to us for support.”

“Yes father,” said Gul, her heart heavy with emotion. She looked back at his familiar visage and stepped out in the the hallway. 

Outside, waiting at attention stood Captain Akbar Iqbal, and upon seeing him, the tension and emotions of her meeting with her father finally slid from her shoulders. She tilted her chin at Akbar and steeping up to grab his arm asked, “Escort me to my chambers, will you Captain-o-mine?” 

Akbar’s stern visage finally cracked, and smiling, he replied, “As you desire, princess.”

Not being in the mood for a long talk bad having the letter to Mehmed weighing on her mind, Gul made idle small talk as they walked, leaving the catching up until she could devote her full attention to it. 

They soon reached her chambers and she quickly entered, setting a time to inspect the guard battalion with Akbar in the afternoon. 

Summoning her closest attendant, Gul asked for parchment and her writing supplies to be set up, while the maids heated water for her bath and the preparations for a visit to the Guard Halls in the afternoon. 

Dearest Mehmed, 

You scared years off my life! You told me you were off on a hunt, and then I hear that you have been fighting the Vaishi! I was completely horrified to hear of the ambush and how it went utterly wrong. I heard that you are fine, but I need to hear it from you directly. Please don’t lie to placate me, I can handle the truth, I promise. 

 I was very sorry to hear of your friend Abdullah, I know that he is your best friend. Hopefully, he will make it through, I will tie a feather to the elm for his swift recovery. I hope you are not in too much pain, I wish I could be there to support you, my love. Stay strong and be safe, there may yet be further danger lying in wait for you. 

I say this because it seems to me a little too easy, that the very day you went to ambush the barbarians, they had a counterattack at the ready. There must be a ploy in the shadows to destabilize your reign, be vigilant and careful. I have some of your most trusted teachers here with me, as well as all the resources of Farsia. I will try to inquire discreetly into the matter and send my findings to you by Andra-kite. 

Don’t be disheartened, you have many strong allies and ample time to exact vengeance upon the barbarians. 

I heard from my father that our wedding is being moved up, I understand the necessity and I’m eager to finally see you with mine own eyes. At this point, the idea that the one so close to my heart is someone I have not yet met, seems like such a strange thing… for I know you, in my bones I know you, in my blood I know you, in my soul I know you, dear heart. 

I know you must be anxious and worried, all I can do is assure you of the steadfastness of my regard. Soon we shall be together and I will stand with you against any other attempts. We will solve this together. I am sure of it. 

I await your response, anxiously. I was torn over including our usual ritual, but I decided it would reassure you, so I’m still adding it. 

By the slope of the towering mountains

By the water rushing in pure fountains

By the verdant green of the elm

By the gleaming silver of our helm

By the mesmerizing bright of your eye

By the looming future that is nigh

By the soothing song of your breath 

By the sword and the sheath 

By all deeds gone and done

By the hope of one

Joined in a twin melody spun 

The impenetrable shield formed 

Will keep thee 

Shield thee, heal thee, 

lend strength to the arms thou wield

Entwined, weaved as a singularity

We will make our stand, never yield. 



Little did Gul fathom, that this letter would never reach her intended love, the one she had been conversing with all this time, the one in desperate love with her. 

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