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Featured: A Review of the Pakistani Drama “Dushman”


Dushman is a 2022 PTV drama. The title may be translated as “Enemy”. It was written by Ali Moeen, directed by Abdullah Badini, and produced by Zeeshan Ahmed under banner Mont Blanc Entertainment.



The audience is introduced to the conflict at the beginning of the narrative by learning that a man from Rajkot and a woman from Malikgarh fell in love and decided to elope. Rajkot’s guards capture the two as they flee, shave the girl’s head and place her in isolation while removing the boy’s eyesight and returning him to Malikgarh. Men from Malikgarh go and kill a few men from Rajkot’s ruling family after seeing what has been done to one of their own. This starts the tradition of vengeance. Since no man is still alive on either side, this eventually means that only women will be able to rule.

The conflict 

We get a chance to see where and how the conflict began, as well as how it developed to the point where neither side has more than one male heir. Moving on, Waris (Hassan Niazi), a Malikgarh native, falls in love with Sassi (Sabeeka Imam), a Rajkot native, when the two of them end up attending the same university. When they discover the truth, the couple decides to secretly wed until they can find a solution to the generational conflict.

The characters 

Sassi’s mother, Mai Lali (Saman Ansari), discovers Sassi and Waris one day and kills Sassi right away and wraps Waris in a gift for Malkaani (Nadia Afgan) and Waris’s mother. Sassi decides to seek asylum in Malikgarh without disclosing her true identity because she is pregnant with Waris’s heir and wants to shield her unborn child from her own mother’s wrath and vengeance.

Sohny (Rose), Waris’ sister, was studying law in London when her brother died. She has just returned and is obsessed with getting revenge. After the eighth episode, viewers are eager to find out whether the conflict between the two sides can be resolved through love or whether it will continue to be motivated by hatred. The drama has successfully created a plausible world entirely fictional. Ranjha (Nayyer Ejaz), Malkaani’s right-hand man, is Billya (Ayub Khosa), who is on the other side. Despite receiving orders from their respective leaders, these men are exhausted from the conflict and helpless. We already know that these two men will be crucial to resolving the conflict at this point in the narrative.

The Resolution 

In the drama, the lovers who caused the entire mess are still alive. While Malkani has treated the blind man (Mohsin Gillani) with respect, Naila Jaffry has been mistreated multiple times by Mai Lali.


Dushman ended up being a lot more intriguing than viewers had anticipated. Even though the teasers were quite interesting, seasoned viewers of our drama serials are aware that a private channel drama will rarely be as good as a PTV drama. We were wrong, though, because the drama not only has excellent production quality but also manages to captivate viewers with its plot and characters.


The only exception is Saman Ansari, whose performances are exceptional. Mai Lali’s otherwise sinister persona is diminished by her nasal voice and poorly delivered dialogue. It’s refreshing to see Hassan Niazi in a more substantial role than usual. He is frequently portrayed as the hero’s older brother, but in this case he is the main character, and it is encouraging to see him flirt with his wife in flashbacks.

Overall thoughts 

In general, Dushman, which airs on PTV, is worth watching. The production scale and quality are outstanding, and Mont Blanc Productions has performed as well as MD Productions, a much larger company.

After seeing his work in Jo Bichar Gaye, we’ve come to expect good scripts from Ali Moeen, who wrote the drama. This drama is unquestionably one of Ali Moeen’s best, despite the fact that we are aware that his works are either complete failures or complete successes. Abdullah Badini directs the show, which is a bit of a comeback after 2017.

Final Verdict 

The verdict is that Dushman is totally worth watching, especially as a break from the daily Saas Bahu sagas that we watch on TV.

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