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The Princess and Her Sultan – Chapter 4

The Princess and her Sultan

“I see those tutors His Royal Highness sent you are earning their keep,” said her Father, a warm look on his face. “That is good, my dear, you are going into an unknown situation, you should learn as much as you are able. On that note, I had another matter to discuss, have you finalized your retinue, the servants you shall be bringing with you to Ghayyur? I have a few knights I have handpicked to be sworn into your service.” He then rang a bell to ask a servant into the chambers. 

“Ah, Parizad, please call for the Arand knight squad.” He instructed. Gul waited, then softly said, “Yes, father, I picked them out with His Majesty’s recommendations, I also personally interviewed each person.” 

“Ah, that’s good m’dear, that’s good.” The king sighed, and rested a hand over his eyes, the lines at the corners of his mouth pulled taught. “The fact is Gul, my dear, as my only daughter, you were always raised as a precious Princess, I never planned to send you so far away, I had hoped you would be married to a vassal of ours and that Ahmer would protect you after I am gone-” 

“Father! What-” Gul stammered. 

“Yes, we all know that one day I would not be around to protect you dear, that is life. But as I was saying, I fully expected Ahmer to take up my duty. However,” He looked up at her, a piercing look in his eyes, “circumstances ended up very different from what I envisioned. Ghayyur is not Farsia, with people who watched you grow up, and loyal retainers. Being a small, yet wealthy nation has its benefits, we have never, and will never face the intrigues of a large court. Ghayyur Empire stretches from the Strait of Khanna to the edges of the Sukki Wastes, a vast area with many conflicting lords, who will now be your vassals. You must always be ready, prepared for intrigue and betrayal there Gul. Make a solid footing and earn your husband’s firm approval, having him in your corner is not only necessary for your happiness, but your safety. Don’t trust easily, keep your gaurds from Farsia close. I warn your now, because you have never faced such a pit of vipers before, but you must be ready.” He sighed. 

On the one hand, Gul was touched that her father was worried over her, but on the other, she was frustrated that he saw her as a child still, treating her as a China doll. 

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