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Featured: A Review of the Pakistani Drama “Wehem”

About The Drama

The drama Wehem is one of deceit and deception. It is necessary to state right away that the drama possesses all of the characteristics of a saas-bahu saga, albeit with a twist. The drama, which is written by Imran Nazir and directed by Adnan Wai Qureshi aired on Hum TV every Wednesday, is produced by Moomal Shunaid.


The Story

The role of Rukhsana, played by Savera Nadeem, is at the center of the story. Over the course of ten episodes, her character has changed from someone who seemed to be trying to do the right thing to someone who has deep, dark secrets that she wants to keep a secret.

She appears to have acquired a long-standing resentment and deep-seated animosity toward her in-laws, and she is instilling doubts (wehem) in the minds of all those who are around her. Rukhsana believes that her in-laws are involved in Anwar’s disappearance (Fawad Jalal) her husband. She behaves badly toward her brother-in-law, tries to convince her mother-in-law that she interferes with her own sons’ romantic relationships, and goes to any lengths to convince her mother-in-law that she is insane: by putting more chili in her food and knocking on her windows and doors at night.

Rukhsana seems to be motivated by a great deal of hatred and is prepared to do anything to torture the elderly woman. The fact that the audience is unsure of Rukhsana’s motives is particularly obvious . While the first bahu had given in to her mother-in-law’s intrusions, Eshal (Kinza Hashmi) has decided that two people can play the game and is beginning to cast doubt on Rukhsana. She has also decided to reveal the ways in which Rukhsana is causing Dadi (Shamim Hilali) to doubt himself.


It is unfortunate that Savera Nadeem is not given roles in larger productions with stronger storylines, as she is an absolute powerhouse in the acting department. She gives a nuanced performance, and her portrayal of a woman who has been wronged and is seeking retribution from those involved is ominous and upsetting. Her persona stands out because almost everyone around her is unaware of how gently she is exacting retribution on them. We believe that Babar Ali is an actor for directors. He is good when he is subtle, but because he comes from old Lollywood, he tends to overact with his facial expressions and delivery of dialogue. However, Ali’s performance in Wehem is quite measured.

I believe Zaviyar should be more selective in the roles he chooses, despite Kinza’s success in these roles. He can be a good actor when given a role like the one he had in Sang-e-Mah, even though his parts in Wehem and Bakhtawar are not very good. We wish the actor would choose better roles in the future and not undervalue himself. Shamim Hilaly has undoubtedly performed flawlessly in every role he has played. No matter what role she plays, she is a joy to watch. Although this is not her first time playing a Nani or Dadi, her performance in this one has been outstanding.


Till the 20th episode viewers still don’t know what really happened in Rukhsana’s past to make her detest her in-laws and have such controlling behavior toward her children and their wives, which is what makes the drama drag. The question of whether Eshal will be able to convince her husband Junaid (Zaviyar Nouman Ijaz) to see how Rukhsana has been manipulating everyone in the household and why Rukhsana is the way she is still of interest to viewers. Also, where is Anwar, why he left, and what is Rukhsana’s relationship with Khawar (the brother and father of Eshal, Babar Ali)? One is confused and to wash the confusion I kept watching the drama.

Wehem is a good way to broaden the sagas of Saas and Bahu because, as a whole, it is interesting and has a novel plot. However, the drama was slow and in many episodes nothing substantial happened. It lacks depth. In order to keep the attention of the audience, dramas need to be shorter and more concise.

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