Reach for the Light


The Strawberry Adventure

red strawberries on in close up shot

Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on

A small strawberry rested on the side of a bowl of fruit. It was a young one, ripe and red, full of adventurous spirit. Her ambition in life was to be decorated on a cake.

Humming was heard across the living room, the strawberry perking up its head, recognising the singer from their light tone. She wiggled in place, beaming, ready to become a cake topper. 

Her wiggling around caused her to fall off the bowl’s edge. “He he he, the runt fell.” snickered the banana, smirking nastily while leaning over the bowl.

“Oh!” Fumed the strawberry. 

“Hmmph, well you’re just a banana! 

What do you know?

No one’s ever gonna put you a-top 

A cake, doughnut, or chocolate pop

The only thing you can do

is get chopped up into banana stew!

A bread that’s the highest you can be…

You’ll see, I’ll be nestled on a cake

A frosted, white fluffy brilliant bake!”

The young banana burst into tears, his face screwed up into a wail, crying big tears. 

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