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Featured: A Review of the Drama “Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi”


The story of Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi revolves around a son of a business tycoon, Shamsher, who falls in love with Mehak, belonging to a middle-class background.

Some unpleasant events occur during the course and Mehak starts hating Shamsher; and since Shamsher’s family does not approve of his relationship, the story tangles up even more.

Trailer Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi


The Drama is based on class difference of main characters in drama and the plot of the drama is obsessive love.

In this drama serial Shamsher is in love madly with the middle-class girl whose name is Mehak, however Mehak does not like or love him. She is just afraid of him due to his spoiled habits and stupid actions.


The Drama Is released on May 11, 2022, it is written by Radain Shah and it is directed by Ahmed Bhatti.

The producer of the drama is Abdullah Seja, The leading role of the kaisi teri khudgarzi drama is Danish Taimoor as Shamsher and Dur e Fishaan Saleem as Mehak. Noman Ijaz played the role of Nawab Zada Dilawar (Shamsher’s father), and Atiqa Odho played the role of  Shamsher’s mother.


Mehak, a young girl who is simple and pure, and her sister Nida are organising a gathering for their father’s birthday. Their dad is a wonderful man and a lecturer at a university. Mehak is engaged to Ahsan, her neighbour and cousin.

Shamsher gets into an altercation with someone on the road, as seen by Mehak’s father. He tries to stop him, but Shamsher then raises a firearm and shoots it at him. Mehak quickly yanks her father back to the car. Shamsher suddenly notices the sweet young girl Mehak and instantly falls in love with her.

Shamsher is an arrogant man and the offspring of a charismatic but corrupt politician. He then uses all of his abilities to discover more about Mehak before going to her house to meet her. Shamsher then moves aggressively toward Mehak’s father, thus in order to get Mehak’s attention, he traps Mehak’s father in a make-believe case.

But when his father tries to kill Mehak and he finds out the truth, he leaves everything and marries her. They live a poverty ridden life and when they were going to have a baby and were very happy together Shamsher`s father again tries to kill Mehak and instead his son is killed. 

This incident changes his life and he consents before the police about all the misdeeds.


The dialogue in this piece is excellent, and it is played superbly. All of the characters, but especially the key actors Danish Taimoor, Dur e Fishaan, and senior well-known Noman Ijaz, exhibit excellent acting.

The drama’s plot is highly intriguing; once Shamsher sets eyes on Mehak, all dialogue ends.

Shamsher sees no meaning in her refusal, no reason in her engagement, no purpose in her father’s choice, and even no significance in his own father’s choice. Danish Taimoor played his role very well, therefore he immersed himself in this role.

Bad points

The drama portrays that love is abusive and one can do anything to achieve one love, but in my view this portrayal of love is wrong and misleading for our youth. The dramas should portray love in a positive manner and writers should be realistic while writing. Love in real life is not at all like this as shown in the drama.

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  1. Shakeel Anwar

    I watched it i think it’s an amazing drama super acting Danish and durefshan so I am very happy honestly as like drama only not at all in real life

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