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Featured: A Review of the Novel “A Brother’s Price” by Wen Spencer

A Brother’s Price be a weird one mate… As the lot of you know if you’ve been following the blog, I am a fan of romance. I feel that trashy romance has its place in the realm of literature. However, while casually browsing around looking for a light-hearted trashy romance to while away the time – I found this.

This book is a period romance but the women are the lords and the men are the damsels in distress. It turned out to be less a romance and more a kind of thinly veiled commentary on the nature of society, gender equality and God knows what else.  However while this managed to throw meet out of my groove, it is not a bad book. 

The Synopsis of A Brother’s Price

So basically Goodreads describes it as:

In a world where males are rarely born, they’ve become a commodity-traded and sold like property. Jerin Whistler has come of age for marriage and his handsome features have come to the attention of the royal princesses. But such attentions can be dangerous-especially as Jerin uncovers the dark mysteries the royal family is hiding.

The Good Points of A Brother’s Price

Okay, the book doesn’t feel like a political commentary, and that’s about the only special thing about it, it’s whole schtick if you will, so… that’s significant. The whole romance, if the gimmick is removed, is a completely typical one with a bit of intrigue and adventure mixed in to spice it up. 


Basically, I hate autors that whack you over the head with their message or theme, (looking at you Paolo Cohello), so I admire the seemless way the author incorporates events into the story, but allows the reader to form their own conclusions. Outwardly, if you don’t look at the switched genders, the book is only a simple romance. That is one of it’s charms, it’s like you’re being taught without any lecturing or preaching. 


While the characters are not particularly groundbreaking or complex, they are well developed for the most part. The one thing done brilliantly is the motivation matching up with the setting and tone of the story. It’s a big deal when character motivations make bl**dy sense so, that was fun to read. 

The Bad Points of A Brother’s Price

The thing is, while the book is good,the only reason I’d ever recommend it to anyone is the theme. If it was normal romance, it would have been literally bland as plain oatmeal, no spectacular heat between the characters, no deep attachment to them as a reader… everything that makes a book a great romance is missing from this. 


I’d give it a 7/10. It’s worth reading, but oy due to its unique setting. 

Disclaimer: A Brother’s Price and all of its materials are owned by their author, Wen Spencer. We are merely using some of them in this post to illustrate a point (fair use). If you wish for your materials to be taken down please contact us and we will remove them immediately.

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