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Featured: A Review of the Pakistani Drama “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”

About the drama

The drama was aired again after 8 years with different starring. The fact that Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed played the main characters in the play undoubtedly contributed to its popularity. But viewing the drama again after a while shows how successful it was. Zindagi Gulzar Hai is one of the most straightforward and effective projects that Pakistani audiences have recently seen. Watching it now also serves as a reminder of how forward-thinking and possibly even revolutionary the drama was. Saeed portrays Kashaf, the oldest of three daughters whose father abandoned them and wed a new spouse purely out of desire for a son. Kashaf was reared by a single parent and had a minimal involvement from her father (Waseem Abbas as Murtaza). She is independent, diligent, and smart, but she also had a difficult time trusting men.


Rafia is a a school teacher who gave birth to three daughters in a row, and her  husband abandoned her and her three girls, married a different woman in order to have a son. The narrative focuses on gender bias and the disparity in wealth levels between classes.

Kashaf,is  the eldest daughter  thinks that men are cunning and that life is unjust, but Zarun’s true love persuades her to change her mind. In the end, she marries him. The drama also focuses on Kashaf’s life of poverty and the sacrifices she makes in order to succeed and obtain a respectable position. It is a drama based on a novel that shows racial and class prejudice. 

The story

Kashaf meets Zaroon when she starts her MBA (Fawad Khan). It quickly becomes clear that Kashaf and Zaroon are quite different people. They have quite varied lifestyles, come from various social classes, and have very different beliefs. Zaroon and Kashaf get married in a twenty-something episode serial. The drama’s lack of a love narrative, however, is what makes it truly admirable. While marriage is a significant motif in the play, it is not the foundation of the production. In Zindagi Gulzar Hai, a lady learns to value herself. This is the tale of a family of four ladies who have accepted that their knight in shining armour would not appear.

Kashaf’s mother is one of the most admirable and resilient personalities (Samina Peerzada as Rafiya). Despite being a single mother of three girls, she never considers her circumstance to be unfortunate. Despite the family’s financial difficulties, all four ladies work and make whatever contributions they can to the house. Rafiya instils in her girls the will to pursue their dreams and be independent. Additionally, she doesn’t let the father tell what their daughters should and shouldn’t be doing. In fact, Murtaza once forces Rafiya to decide between leaving the home they share with him and giving Kashaf away to a despicable man. Rafiya orders her daughters to collect their possessions and leaves without a second thought. When was the last time a strong mother, one who knows how to assert herself without ever being harsh, was featured in one of our dramas? a lady who is content that her spouse has started a new life without her and that she should follow suit? one who does not wallow in a sea of misery each time a challenge is placed in her path?

My Overall Thoughts

We could go on and on about how Zindagi Gulzar Hai is still one of the top dramas that our business has recently produced. It acknowledges that males can make mistakes and that strong female figures can help individuals let go of unhealthy relationships. In addition, there is no violence allowed in the plot. Unlike the physical and verbal violence that our audiences have recently become accustomed to, the lines are so potent that they do not need to be screamed. The story of Zindagi Gulzar Hai is primarily one of self-love and self-discovery.

Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan both did fantastic work. Fawad Khan is incredibly attractive and brilliant as well. You are able to see him beyond his outward appearance thanks to his deep, expressive eyes and a voice that can be modified to suit the atmosphere.  Zaroon is intelligent, compassionate, and adorably cute. The persona of Sanam Saeed is that of an unremarkable, unattractive young woman. She did not wear any makeup or fancy outfits, and she captured it authentically. I must admit that Sanam’s excellent acting and dialogue delivery kept me glued to the screen. She has some voiceovers that are just captivating. She delivers a great message for Pakistani girls.


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