Reach for the Light


Red Eyes, part 4

Wait, wait, what ‘future king’?! Are you talking about Asfand?” Ahmed asked suspiciously. “Because, let me tell you right now, that if you have any expectations of him running off with you, you have another thing coming. I’m not letting my cousin go off with any ratty animal we see.”

“Now see here,” puffed up the creature, “that’s quite rude of you!”

“I’m a perfectly respectable personage where I come from you know!” He continued to protest with a scandalized expression. 

Ahmed just glared at him balefully, and was obviously about to spit another comeback when Asfand interrupted him.

“I don’t know about being king or anything, but I’d like to pop over for a visit sometime,” he said with a fascinated grin of anticipation on his face. 

Ahmed turned around to Asfand and grabbed his arms, about to shake him to his senses, before suddenly, Herb seemed to transform once more. Herb grew larger, until he seemed to loom over the room, and he towered over them with an eerie grin in his face. 

Ahmed paled and whispered urgently to Asfand, “Run!” 

But they both found their feet stuck to the ground. They were completely unable to leave. A sinister chuckle rang out, “Why it’s much too late for that my Lord, I have the permission of my King.” And with that the three vanished from the room, as if they had never existed. 

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