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Featured: A Review of the Pakistani Drama “Hasrat” 

About the Drama “Hasrat” 

Hasrat, a Pakistani television programme, premiered on HUM Television on May 11th, 2022. This programme, which is made by Momina Duraid Productions, was written and directed by Malik Khuda Buksh. 

Two sisters named Noor and Emab are the focus of the drama series Hasrat’s plot. Mashal Khan is portraying Noor, and Azekah Daniel will be seen as Emab, who is Noor’s sister. The lead actor in this drama serial is Fahad Sheikh as Junaid. The plot of this drama series brings to light a significant problem with our countless unfulfilled desires. 

Story of the Drama 

Despite being sisters, Emab and Noor are diametrically opposed. Emab is the more compassionate and caring of the two, while Noor is egotistical and narcissistic. Noor wants to take everything that her sister wants, for herself. Although Noor sees this as an opportunity to deprive her sister of the love of her life, Emab prefers her cousin Junaid. The wealthy Mrs. Farooqui is looking for marriages for her two sons, Saim and Arsam. When the paths of the two families diverge, Noor once more seeks to get ahead so she can benefit the most, from the wealth of Mrs. Farooqi`s family and she poses that she has fallen in love with the younger son and by doing many cunning acts she succeeds in getting married to Arsam (Junaid Jamshaid Niazi as Arsam (Saim’s brother). 

Most of the drama revolves around the cunningness of Noor who is capable of twisting the situation in her favour. She blames everyone else and proves herself innocent sometimes by crying and other times by blaming others.  

Hasrat – Cast & Characters 

Fahad Sheikh as Junaid 

Farah Nadeem as Safiya (Junaid’s mother) 

Azekah Daniel as Emab 

Mashal Khan as Noor (Eemab’s sister) 

Behroze Sabzwari as Ashraf (Emab and Noor’s father) 

Chanda Naseem as Shagufta (Emab and Noor’s mother) 

Hira Tareen as Atiya (Shagufta’s sister) 

Hammad Shoaib as Saim 

Junaid Jamshaid Niazi as Arsam (Saim’s brother) 

Fazila Qazi as Mrs. Farooqui (Saim and Arsam’s mother) 


All the actors played their roles very well specially Noor played her role very convincingly. The role of Azeka Daniel was weak and she also did not try much to play this role in a good manner. 

My overall thoughts 

The drama “Hasrat” was good and all the actors played their roles well. The storyline was also good but the writer should not have punished all the characters due to the wrong actions of Noor specially Atia did not deserve what happened to her. She got the biggest punishment, although she was simple and aa pious person.  

Noor was not punished enough although all the faults were hers.  

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  1. Hassan Khawri

    The Drawback of this drama is background music. The stupid who was at the helms of music affair must have knowledge, that music must be not louder than dialogs. BUT no they will not learn anything just like our politicians and make the mistake AGAIN and AGAIN.

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