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Featured: A Review of the Pakistani Drama “Humsafar”

Humsafar is a typical Pakistani drama, showing a love story which is again a typical one. The drama is directed by Sarmad sultan Khoosat. The drama was based on a novel by Farhat Ishtiq. The main characters are Khirad played by Mahira Khan and Ashar played by Fawad Khan.


Hyderabad is the setting for the narrative of Humsafar, and Khirad Ahsaan (Mahira Khan) resides there with her mother Maimoona (Saba Faisal).  Ashar (Fawad Khan), who is the son of Maimoona’s brother Baseerat Hussain (Behroze Sabzwari), resides on the other side of the city in Karachi.  Both of the siblings appear to come from disparate origins; Baseerat is affluent and married to Farida, while Maimoona is poor and leads a meagre life (Atiqa Odho).

The plot is introduced right away as it is revealed that Maimoona has Stage 4 cancer and won’t have long to live. As a result, Maimoona asks Baseerat for assistance in hastily planning Khirad’s wedding. Baseerat believed that if he had visited his sister more frequently, he may have been able to prevent her illness even though he was already in delinquency for not providing adequate care. By giving Khirad’s hand in marriage to Asher without consulting him, Baseerat swore to support his sister.

The character of Asher’s cousin Sara (Naveen Waqar), who has emotions for Asher and has always desired to wed him, was added to the drama. Sara is the daughter of Farida’s sister Zarina Ajmal (Hina Khawaja Bayat).

Khirad, on the other hand, believed that by marrying a man who was wealthier than her, she had forfeited her self-respect. However, it goes without saying that marriage is a magnificent institution in and of itself. In this instance, Asher became more considerate of Khirad after hearing her rage about their union and formally accepted her as his wife. Subsequently, the pair fell in love. The narrative shifts to a softer section with tender and loving encounters between the pair.

Further Story

Khirad joins university to complete her studies where a Sara`s cousin is also a student, and he becomes friendly with Khirad. Then Ashar`s mother did plan a conspiracy against Khiraad as she wanted Sara to be her daughter in law. Meanwhile Khirad is pregnant which Ashar is unaware of. His mother succeeded in her conspiracy and Ashar behaving as a typical Pakistani male becomes doubtful about her chastity. 

Khirad was thrown out of her house by Ashar`s mother and she goes back to Hyderabad and lives a miserable life there and gives birth to an immature baby girl in seventh month of pregnancy. 

Good things about the drama

The acting was very good and all the actors played the roles very well. Specially Mahira Khan was very consistent in her role. 

The dialogues were written well and all the actors delivered the dialogues well and one did not feel that it is a drama rather it seemed like real life events.

Bad things about the Drama

In my view following were the badd things about this drama:

  1. The story was very typical, it seemed that the writer has followed the traditions of our society and has accepted and liked the traditional way of portraying women. The chastity of a woman is not only her responsibility rather it is the responsibility of whole society and on just a single event we cannot say that a woman has gone bad like an egg. The writer should have respected her past behavior and should have shown Ashar and his love in a positive manner.
  2. This kind of dramas should not be shown as we already have a society where women always have to prove themselves or suffer the wrath of their families including brothers, fathers and husband. This seems very unfair. 
  3. We should show something which is close to Islamic teachings. In Islams if someone blames someone like this then the proving that blame is the responsibility of the blamer and not the blamed, so we should show this kind of thing.
  4. The last thing which I did dislike very much is the portrayal of love in a wrong way. Where there is love one does have trust, but in this drama there is no factor of trust.
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