Reach for the Light


Red Eyes, continued

I don’t have to wait long at all, before they show up. Just five minutes later, I spot them out of the corner of my eyes and without waiting, I yell “Bhai!” and lunge with my net. I tumble onto my cousin’s bedstand and land on something soft and squishy, wiggling beneath me inside the net.

I looks down, and find a fluffy creature covered in luxurious black fur, wriggling and struggling. The creature was letting out chittering and squeaks. 

“Aha!” I yell. “I got you, you creeper! Bhai, come in, I got him!” I called out to Ahmed, a broad grin stretching across my face. 

“Really?” I heard Ahmed’s voice, sounding indulgent, he poked his head into the room, “Don’t worry, Asfand, I’ll help you get rid- Oh my God!” He yelled in confusion at the sight of the wriggling black furry mass on his bed. “What the hell is that?” Ahmed rushed into the room, pushing me behind him and grabbing a bat to point at the creature. “I thought you were joking!” He whispered to me. 

“No, no, this thing really has been following me around for a while! This is why I wanted your help!” Asfand replied smugly. 

“Alrighty, let’s find out what this thing is after. Hey you,” Ahmed said sternly, turning to the beast on the bed, his voice suddenly full of authority, “What problem do you have with my cousin? Why have you been following him around? I’m warning you, don’t attempt any funny business.”

The creature suddenly stopped wriggling and let out a burbling sigh, “Grrrbhmmm, I knew this was a bad idea from the start. I told Gerb, but did he listen? No, no he didn’t. Alright, since it’s come to this, I have no choice but to come clean.” Saying this, the creature sat up and stared at them from inside the net, it’s piercing red gaze even more prominent against the background of it’s black fur.

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