Reach for the Light


A precarious friendship, continued

two men standing on seashore

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In days of old

and centuries past

like rivulets of gold

and rivers fast

strong and steady flowed

a friendship so bold

betwixt bosom buddies

now with enemities untold

Two wee lads lived – in the same house

frolicking and playin’, away the day

Mock fights and easy tussles, they grouse

and flock about, like twittering birds a-sway

rumbling and tumbling night and day

the twain not to be parted

partners in crime,

stealing pastries and sneaking wine…

one boy, steadfast and true

yet stubborn enough – to get stuck like glue

the other a mirror, patient and sly

never to be blamed when things went awry

in this manner, bickering and snickering,

the two friends drove their

caretakers to despair

their differences not mattering

nor friendship rattling

with winds of dust storms

rains not dimming their

fervent adventurous fire

no disaster bends

them from bonds

loyal and devoted

They race and tumble, flee n’ fight

together, as they grow

one tall and scrawny, one slender and slight

each as fair as the other.

Teenagers raging, tumbling in the snow

a pair they are, a pair of brothers

a pair of fighters, a pair of hunters,

when challenged by others

when bully headed boys

seek to brawl

their unity wins

against unlucky skins

of their opponents all

assured and true 

friends remain

Grow they must and so grow they do

our tale too grows darker as they do

the twain, fair forms and fair faces

start to venture out to other places

meet players and painters,

seekers and dreamed alike

they learn trades from tradesmen

a blacksmith, a trader, salty seamen 

explore the verdant valley 

the market stalls

the famed walls

and waterfalls

meet girls, one blushes, 

the other charms

slightly more 


than his brother 

in arms

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