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Poem: A Precarious Friendship

crop friends stacking hands together

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in days of old
and centuries past
like rivulets of gold
and rivers fast
strong and steady flowed
a friendship so bold
betwixt bosom buddies
now with enemities untold
Two wee lads lived – in the same house
frolicking and playin’, away the day
Mock fights and easy tussles, they grouse
and flock about, like twittering birds a-sway
rumbling and tumbling night and day
the twain not to be parted
partners in crime,
stealing pastries and sneaking wine…

one boy, steadfast and true
yet stubborn enough – to get stuck like glue
the other a mirror, patient and sly
never to be blamed when things went awry
in this manner, bickering and snickering,
the two friends drove their
caretakers to despair
their differences not mattering
nor friendship rattling
with winds of dust storms
rains not dimming their
fervent adventurous fire
no disaster bends
them from bonds
loyal and devoted

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