Reach for the Light


“A Cup of Tea, my friend?” – Continued

white ceramic cup

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Soon it was that a lot

Of creatures formed up

Into ranks and reached the spot

Where the summit was held, lest a foul-up

Take place and the realm get tied in a knot.

“Oh my good men, it gladdens me to see you do as you aught!

Together for the realm, we’ll warm up

And find a great solution, fret not!”

Yelled the peacekeeper from the crest high up.

“Now, to our position, let us trot!”

At the announcement, all the creatures took up their spots,

The soldiers started doing pushups,

The politicians set up their plots,

And the summit was of creatures with full cups

For the topic of the takeover was fraught.

“Bump bump, boom boom!” rang a sound

One soldier elbowed another, “Shh, it’s about to begin!”

Every participant settled throughout the ground

Turning and twisting, lunging and shifting, the men spin

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