Reach for the Light


“A cup of tea, my friend?”

gold kettle pouring hot water on cup of tea


Asked the dotty dusty dreary dragon

“Jasmine, Oolong, Earl Grey, any specific blend?

Shall I pour a cup or a flagon?”

He hummed as he continued to tend.

“It’s too close to the year-end,

Let’s not let this drag on;

I’ll do with anything you recommend!

I still have to pack up the wagon.”

Replied the griffin in the end.

“Aright, alright,” grumbled the dragon,

“I also have something to send,

I hope you can fit a cask into the covered-wagon.”

“In fact, I should be able to lend

You some space, before I’m agone.”

The realm’s peacekeeper has called creatures from all over

From fairies, mermaids, dryads, naiads, phoenixes, and thunderbirds,

To griffins, chimaeras, dragons, harpies, manticores, and all dark lovers,

There is to be a great gathering of all who have words

To say of the new king’s takeover

The griffin is just one of many rovers

Ready to take up arms if need be, with deeds or words

And making a fast stopover

To ensure the future of a bright realm, two thirds

Of all creatures, will attend, make sure all that’s needed is covered.

“I’ll not stop to smell the flowers,”

Declared the friend of birds

(As griffins often were all over)

He stepped out of the house afterwards

Packing up and setting out over the clover.

Soon it was that a lot

Of creatures formed up

Into ranks and reached the spot

Where the summit was held, lest a foul-up

Take place and the realm be bright not.

“Oh my good men, it gladdens me to see you do as you aught!

Together for the realm, we’ll warm up

And find a great solution, fret not!”

Yelled the peacekeeper from the crest high up.

“Now, to our position, let us trot!”

At the announcement, all the creatures took up their spots,

The soldiers started doing pushups,

The politicians set up their plots,

And the summit was of creatures with full cups

For the topic of the takeover was fraught.

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