Reach for the Light


The Witch and the Cackling Teapot – Part 2

He clasped the Lady to his breast,

wailing and sobbing,

he cried to the Witch,

“Why did you do this?!”

“Now, now my Prince, this was at your behest.

I handed you her heart, is not my sorcery the best?”

She cackled sinisterly.

The Prince grew angry,

Black with fury, he faced the witch

“For you this may be all fine and dandy,

but my love I will avenge!”

Unsheathed his sword, his scabbard he flung.

Alas, the Witch was nimble and swift,

attack and defend

she cackled and dodged

crowed and fired.

The Price fought and perspired,

to no avail.

The witch was having fun,

heeing and hawing.

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  1. Very good story keep it up

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