Reach for the Light


The Witch and the Cackling Teapot

There once was an old warty green witch,

she was jolly and merry all day.

She had three cauldrons,

of potions and spells.

She took orders from knights

and from ne’er-de-wells.

Customers came to her day and night

 for help to solve their plight.

She helped all and sundry,

regardless of their intent.

She never cared if someone came to a nasty end.

“He-he he-haw, you asked for my help!” she would cackle and say.

No matter what anyone pleaded; her they could not sway.

Once a golden-haired Prince,

came to her to convince,

her to help him win the heart,

of the fair Lady of Greynebart.

The Witch happily agreed, and listed her fee.

The prince was delighted,

his yearning exited, for his wish to succeed.

The Witch granted his wish,

the prince held the Lady’s bleeding heart,

in the palm of his hand.

He clasped the Lady to his breast,

wailing and sobbing,

he cried to the Witch,

“Why did you do this?!”

“Now, now my Prince, this was at your behest.

I handed you her heart, is not my sorcery the best?”

She cackled sinisterly.

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