Reach for the Light


Quaid Day Drama


  • Quaid-e-Azam
  • Asad
  • Narrator
  • Mr.Edward Thomas
  • Mr. Rahul Malhotara
  • Waiter
  • Judge
  • Bailiff
  • Hindu
  • British
  • Police men
  • Asad’s Wife
  • Asad’s Child


Narrator:Quaid-e-Azam was a very generous and noble man who helped anyone he found. He was particularly considerate of his fellow Muslims and those who were oppressed or downtrodden. This is a story which displays his brilliant nobility, strong sense of justice and daring nerve.

One day long ago, before the formation of Pakistan and during the time of British Raj. Quaid-e-Azam was coming out of the court.

Asad: “No don’t do this! Please help me, they have destroyed everything of mine, I am left penniless! Will no one help a Muslim in this land anymore?”

A man in ShalwarKameez, with a ragged appearance shouted it as he was pushed out of the court by two policemen.

Quaid-e-Azam approached the man, concerned look on his face.

Quaid: “My dear man, are you alright? What’s going on?”

Asad: “Why should I tell you? Not like you will be willing to help out a poor Muslim.”

Quaid: “At least tell me your story, I will judge if I can help you or not.”

Asad tells his story. Scene Changes: Four men are sitting at a table, two are Hindu, and two are British.

Hindu: “Oy waiter, bring us a strong bottle of wine!”

Edward: “Great idea, my good sir, let us make merry on this fine day.’

Waiter: “I am sorry Sir, this is a Muslim establishment; we don’t serve alcohol here. It is haram.”

British: “What do you mean? Are you unwilling to serve paying customers?”

Edward: “How dare you be so rude?”

Rahul: “Yes, don’t you know who this man is? He is Mr. Edward Thomas; his father is the governor of Sindh! He is worth ten of you. Be careful in how you treat us!”

Hindu:”Call out your owner!”

Asad:“I am the owner, Sir, what seems to be the problem?”

Waiter: “Sir, these men keep asking for wine.”

Asad:”My apologies, but we don’t serve alcohol here.”

British: “We will show them who they are messing with!”

They destroy the shop.

Change scene: Back to court steps.

Asad: “I have been trying to get those men to pay me back so I can repair my shop, but no one is willing to be my lawyer against them. Everyone is too afraid of the British and their power. No one will help me. My wife and children are starving and we might lose our house. “

Quaid: “It seems my friend, Asad that you have run into a bit of good luck. I am a lawyer and even when no else will fight for you against the Hindu and British, I Muhammad Ali Jinnah will step forward. I believe it is my duty to help a fellow Muslim in need.”

Change Scene: In a courtroom. British and Hindu stand on one side, Quaid and Asad on the other. Judge is behind a lectern.

Judge: “Order, order in the court!”

Bailiff: “Mr. Edward Thomas and Mr. Rahul Malhotara are accused by one Asad Ahmed of the crime of destruction of property, how do you plead?”

British: “We are not guilty, your Honour.”

Quaid: “I beg to disagree; this is a clear case of violence and law-breaking. I have many witnesses and much evidence to prove it.”

Narrator: The case went on for many months, until finally, Quaid-e-Azam got justice for Asad. Mr. Edward and Mr. Rahul were both put in jail and they paid for the shop to be repaired. Asad and his family finally lived in peace. Like this, Quaid-e-Azam not only saved individuals but be standing firm in his principals, he taught others to do the same. This was his legacy and his enormous contribution. This is why the Muslims followed him and how we won our Freedom.

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