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Featured: A Review of the Pakistani Drama “Inkaar”

About The Drama

Inkaar is drama which portrays the traditional Pakistani society practices and difficulties women face when they are different from the traditional people and act according to their own will and not as the society wants them to do. Hajra is shown as a strong character and she refuses to accept the pressure put on her from Rehan Chaudhry and his family and sticks to the truth till end.



The story of “Inkaar” revolves around two families that are quite different from one another, both status wise as well as the way they think as one is very liberal while the other religious and traditional. Hajra is studying in university but could not continue her studies due to the corrupt attitude of her teacher. Her teacher wants her to respond to his wishes positively which she refuses to do. She falls in  love with a boy but did not  know that he is after her beauty and does not love her , rather wants to have sex with her without making any other relationship. She refuses him and started hating him. Now the boy does not accept this and tries to convince her that she should leave her fiancé as he will not let it happen.  And he goes to the extent that he tries to kill her while she is getting ready for her marriage in a beauty Ceylon. But even after this Hajra refuses him as he does not leave it there rather he and his family threaten her and his family that they should not start a case against them.

The drama shows a power struggle just like it  is played in  our society. Rehan and his family use money, threats and all other means to win the case and the Government machinery is also with them as Rehan’s father is a politician and has links with the high level officers.

But the focus of the drama is that if you are determined and are true with your cause then everything in the universe conspires to let you win.


My Overall Thoughts

This drama serial has some very praiseworthy performances, good music and immersive storytelling. Character interactions are very near to the reality. This makes it a good and worth watching drama. The actors have given it life and their acting is very near to the real life.

All the actors playing leading and supporting roles did complete justice to their characters. Yumna Zaidi and Rehan Sheikh outdid everyone else, although their track didn’t have the ending most of us wanted to see but they stayed true to their characters right till the end. Imran Ashraf once again chose to experiment and this time around too he made his presence felt especially in the last few episodes. Sami Khan was convincing as the man who loved Hajra unconditionally. I also enjoyed watching Shayan’s growth as an individual. I would have loved to see Rehan behind bars, begging for an apology but that was not meant to be. Munazzah Arif, Noor-ul-Hassan and the actor playing Gullu Badshah’s role performed exceptionally well. The reporters in this episode acted poorly which definitely affected the overall impact of this last episode. Hajra’s decision in the end was the worst part of a drama which I had huge expectations from. The best part of this play was the father-daughter bonding and the way Hajra’s father stood by her side right till the end. Watching Inkaar and reviewing it was always worthwhile but this last episode was a big disappointment to me when Hajra just forgave the person who has done so much damage to her..

The Script

The story is good and all the dialogues represent our society well. The story does not feel disjointed at all. Every turn in the story seems natural . Although there are many turning points in the  story but all the turning points seem so natural that one accepts them as they are happening.

Things That Were Not good

Although drama was very good but the ending was unexpected and I think all viewers did not like it.The ending shows that bold women suffer very badly which is very negative and teach us that women should not take their own decisions otherwise they will suffer. It would be better if the strong character remained strong till the  end of drama..

My Final Thoughts

This is a drama which is based on the observations of real life situation where only one strong and positive character could change the whole situation for the betterment of whole family. It portrays the real life complex situation very well.

My rating for this drama is 8/10.                                            


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