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Another Top 3 Pakistani Drama Reviews

Zid Tittle - Picture Courtesy of Ebuzz via Hum TV

# 1 Khud Parast

About the drama

The drama “Khud Parast” is written by Radain Shah, and has a cast on board which consist of Ramsha Khan as Uswah, Shahzad Sheikh as Hanan, Hassan Ahmed as Moiz, Nausheen Shah as the docile Beenish and the stern Bakhtawar played brilliantly by Asma Abbas.



The story of “Khud Parast” revolves around two families that are quite different from one another, both status wise as well as the way they think as one is very liberal while the other religious and stern.

Uswah and her sister are very independent but their Bhabis are not and with them all the time eyeing the two they have learnt not to be affected by all this as their mother allows them to even go out at night with Uswah’s sisters fiancé as she sees nothing wrong in it.

Uswah too is quite upfront and bold and we really liked this character as she lives life on her own terms and says whatever is in her heart right there and then. So a confident girl, it is a treat to see someone like her who respects her mother but at the same time knows what she wants to do.

#2 Ishq Na Karyo Koi

“Ishq Na Kariyo Koi” is a 2018 Pakistani drama serial which aired on Express Entertainment. The Words  “Ishq Na Kariyo Koi” mean  “Don’t Fall in Love with Anyone”. The drama stars Noor Hassan, Rabab Hashim and Hajra Yamin. The drama was first aired 10th October 2018.


Uploaded by: Express TV

The Synopsis of “Ishq Na Karyo Koi”

So basically The Express Tribune describes it as:

The story revolves around Fariha, Faisal and Maryam. Fariha, essayed by Rabab is an innocent, shy and outdated girl, madly in love with her classmate Faisal, played by Noor. She writes tons of letters to him anonymously which annoys Faisal.

On the other hand, Faisal seems to be in love with another classmate, Maryam portrayed by Hajra. They plan to get married as soon as they graduate, but Fariha wishes to confess her love for Faisal on the last day of college.

Once she confronts Faisal, he humiliates her on her looks and fashion choices which leaves her brokenhearted. Fariha then decides to leave the country and curses Faisal for a life time of hardships and struggle. As Faisal and Maryam’s wedding approaches, a tragedy occurs that causes the two to choose different paths.

#3 Zid


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This Pakistani Drama Zid is reflecting on Polygamy, immigration and young people trying to make a living. The main Character Saman is a rude, no-nonsense career woman, who has previously broken off two engagements. She then marries Omar, an American man, at her family’s urging. Her motive for marrying him is to be able to immigrate to America. When she reaches there she discovers that she has been tricked by her family into becoming the second wife.

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