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Top 3 Binge-able Netflix Shows

#3 The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Even though this show was really my favourite, I was also riveted and kept on coming back for more. It definitely hooks you into the story and is interesting enough to power on through even serious dislike like I did. Plus, a great many people seem to love it it. It might be worth it to give this one a shot.

Review Snapshot:

I am actually a very peripheral fan of the original Sabrina. I watched the show a bit as a teen and liked it well enough, but I read the books and comics and they left a bigger impression on me. My fave character was always Salem, the cat who plotted world domination. However, I didn’t go into The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina with hangups and expectations as I am not fan enough to be bothered by the changes…

#2 Anne With an E 

I loved this show. It was bit awkward and bumbling at the start, just like it’s heroine, however it ended up making me fall in love. I couldn’t stay away. I watched the entire first two seasons in a matter of days. The show has a raw quality that makes it hard to keep away from.

Review Snapshot:

This Show is based on Anne of Green Gables, a book I read many many years ago. I remember liking the book when I read it, even though I do not remember any of the details of what happened in it. At the start of this show, Anne is 13, an orphan with an dark past, and after a series of misunderstandings she gets adopted by an old brother-sister pair. Despite her trauma, she is an optimistic person, and is also very intelligent and imaginative,  to the point where she makes people uncomfortable with her unconventional mannerisms. The series focuses on her and how she learns and grows, all the while broadening the horizons of the townspeople around her.

#1 Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones
Property of Netflix

This show was so much fun to watch. Sometimes, a great villain can be better and more satisfying than the best heroes. And, boy does this show have a great villain! He captivates and ensnares form day one. He makes everything fell more personal, more important, so that one gets invested into the show pretty fast.

Review Snapshot:

So, as you all might have figured out by now from my previous posts, I am a big fan of Superhero movies, and shows.  And very recently I have watched the very first Season of Jessica Jones, a marvel show within the Daredevil universe. I quite enjoyed watching the show, as it was very enjoyable and had a twisty, unpredictable sort of plot. In saying that, the show was not without it’s failings, which I’ll be getting into shortly, but I found it much more engaging than either Daredevil, or The Flash (more on this later in next week’s post).


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