Reach for the Light


The Prophecy of the Clock Tower Part 12

Sher had also brought with him the necessary supplies for the diversion which Kal would help to create. 

It was a plan that was devious in it’s simplicity and the end goal was terrifyingly exhilarating. Sher would meet Kal outside the Tower where he would hand over the supplies, Kal would stall his train, then using a mix of smoke bombs and small fireworks he would would provoke his guards into dropping his litter and raise an alarm for his safety. This would result in an enormous fuss about the issue and call over the Towers mages, this way the tower would be relatively empty for phase 3.

In which time, Sher would slip away from his minder and sneak into the Head Mage’s quarters, taking a very important item from the office. The plan was good and it worked like a charm, possibly even better than the boys were expecting, because not only did all the Tower’s Mages come out in the face of a threat against the princes’ safety, they called the royal guard and the king for aid, so Kal spent most of the rest of the day being coddled by his servants, with his father hovering concernedly at odd intervals.

As Kal saw how worried everyone was for him, his anger fell away and he felt more and more guilty for deceiving everyone. However, when he finally reunited with Sher, the giddiness of success overcame his guilt. they exchanged delighted and victorious grins as Sher handed over the prize. Kal smiled in anticipation; an ugly feeling gripping his heart, finally had it in hand, the Key to the Clock Room.

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