Reach for the Light


The Prophecy of the Clock Tower Part 10

“What are you doing here?” asked Sher as he climbed up the window side to let Kal in. “I have a plan.” Said Kal, as he clambered into Sher’s room. “A plan?” asked Sher, immediately intrigued even without an explanation. Sher may get them into more trouble, but Kal was the really devious one. When Kal made the plans, they caused untold mayhem and somehow never got in trouble. Usually Kal was halfheartedly protesting Sher’s schemes, however there were times when he was infuriated enough to join heads with Sher, those were when the real trouble happened.

“So this is what I want us to do…”started Kal, and then he told Sher about his master plan. Sher made a few necessary adjustments to the plan, and then they were ready to go. Kal spent the night at Sher’s house, but snuck out early in the morning to avoid the guards. Sher created a distraction by complaining loudly about one of his toys which went missing.

Kal snuck back to the palace and appeared quietly back in his bed, with only the servants having noticed that he had been out. He told the servants to prepare him in his most ostentatious clothes, and he sneakily packed a set of servant’s garments from the laundry in his school bag. When his train set off to the Tower, he had himself carried in a litter at the front (something he never usually did, he mostly just rode a horse to town, or used one of the smaller carriages. However, today, in orer to create a spectacle he ordered his servants to bring only the most lavish things.

The servants had actually already realized that something was going on.

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