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Featured: a Review of the Pakistani Drama “Khud Parast”

About the drama

The drama “Khud Parast” is written by Radain Shah, and has a cast on board which consist of Ramsha Khan as Uswah, Shahzad Sheikh as Hanan, Hassan Ahmed as Moiz, Nausheen Shah as the docile Beenish and the stern Bakhtawar played brilliantly by Asma Abbas.



The story of “Khud Parast” revolves around two families that are quite different from one another, both status wise as well as the way they think as one is very liberal while the other religious and stern.

Uswah and her sister are very independent but their Bhabis are not and with them all the time eyeing the two they have learnt not to be affected by all this as their mother allows them to even go out at night with Uswah’s sisters fiancé as she sees nothing wrong in it.

Uswah too is quite upfront and bold and we really liked this character as she lives life on her own terms and says whatever is in her heart right there and then. So a confident girl, it is a treat to see someone like her who respects her mother but at the same time knows what she wants too.


My Overall Thoughts

Directed by Syed Aabis Raza, I liked “Khud Parast” and am impressed by the acting of all the characters. Ramsha played the role of a bold girl who wants to live her life according to her own rules. She played her role in a manner that gave life to the role of Uswa. The story was different from other usual dramas. May be it happens in the real world but I have never heard of such a story.

But as “Khud Parast” progresses it portrays the general situation of our society where men are the rulers and they are the ones who set the rules for women and decide what should women do in day to day life.

So actually the writer has taken many turns in the story. On one side it shows that Uswa is bold and on the other side it shows how she is governed by her husband.

The Best Parts of the drama

This drama serial has some very praiseworthy performances, good  music and immersive storytelling. Character interactions in “Khud Parast” are very near to the reality. This is makes it a good and worth watching drama. The actors have given it life and their acting is very near to the real life.


The actors in “Khud Parast” are all experienced and competent and have played their role with all their capacity giving each role a life. They have very good emotional reactions, and at times they make you cry and laugh with them.

The Script

The story is good and all the dialogues represent our society well. The story does not feel disjointed at all. Every turn in the story seems natural . Although there are many turning points in the  story but all the turning points seem so natural that one accepts them as they are happening.

Things That Were Not good

Although “Khud Parast” was very good but the ending was not good. The ending shows that bold women suffer very badly which are very negative and teach us tthat women should not take their own decisions otherwise they will suffer like Uswa. It would be better if the strong character remained strong till the  end of drama..

My Final Thoughts

This is a drama which is based on the observations of real life situation where only one strong and positive character could change the whole situation for the betterment of whole family. It portrays the real life complex situation very well.

My rating for this drama is 8/10.                                            


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