Reach for the Light


The Prophecy of The Clock Tower Part 9

The next few days followed the same pattern; it seemed to the boys as if everyone had forgotten about both Kal and Sher. In the morning, they were shuffled off to a small room in the tower with only Master Hafiz for company, in the afternoons, their parents let them roam as they liked, with no one to question what it was that they were up to. All of the adults were stuck on that stupid new kid, with no time for them. Sher could tell that Kal was getting more and more frustrated, acting out more and more.

The more they were ignored, the harder they tried to catch their attention. In those days they tried all of Sher’s usual schemes, everything from paint bombs to rearranging all the furniture in Master Hafiz’s office one foot to the left. Until, one day, after being brushed aside yet again by his father, it seemed Kal had finally reached his boiling Point. That afternoon, Kal packed a bag full of supplies and snuck out of the palace to Sher’s house. He entered Sher’s house through a small trapdoor near the west fountain, and sneakily made his way to Sher’s room.

Sher was lying peacefully on his bed when there came a voice from the window next to it, “Sher, are you there?” and he startled so bad that he fell out of it. “Kal, is that you?”, said Sher, bewildered, climbing up on the window ledge and peering out. “Yes, it’s me, let me in.” Whispered back Kal. “What are you doing here?” asked Sher as he climbed up the window side to let Kal in. “I have a plan.” Said Kal, as he clambered into Sher’s room.

“A plan?” asked Sher, immediately intrigued even without an explanation. Sher may get them into more trouble, but Kal was the really devious one. When Kal made the plans, they caused untold mayhem and somehow never got in trouble. Ussually Kal was halfheartedly protesting Sher’s schemes, however there were times when he was infuriated enough to join heads with Sher, those were when the real trouble happened.

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