Reach for the Light


The Prophecy of the Clock Tower Part 7

“This is most unusual”, spoke up Master Hafiz, his gaze flickering over to the boy and back, “We should prepare a Scrying mirror, contact his home, Apprentice Fakir should have informed his majesty by now, so we should be receiving further instructions soon. How is the boy doing Master Akbar? What do you think we should do?” His concerned and courteous tone took both of the boys aback, since they had thought that Master Hafiz was just a pompous windbag.

“I have healed his injuries as best as I could. There is nothing further we can do for the child.” sighed Master Akbar, shaking his head. “The Head Master should be on his way, he was meeting with His Majesty this morning, and mayhap he will have a better idea on how to proceed.” Master Khurram interjected. “One of us should go and check on the young prince and his companion; they must have been frightened at the boy’s sudden appearance.” Master Khurram continued.

“I’ll do it, I am their primary tutor after all.” Said Master Hafiz.

Upon hearing this, the boys looked at each other with wide eyes and quickly scrambled back to the positions they had been sitting in previously. Shershah grabbed a book at random and flopped into a chair while Kal situated himself at the writing desk, pulling out his calligraphy notebook and pretending to be hard at work.

Soon the door opened and Master Hafiz entered; an uncharacteristically solemn expression evident on his visage. “Ah, boys, good, you’re hard at work.” He said, surprised. “So, I just wanted to let you boys know that the child you saw arrive in that dreadful state has been healed and Prince Mukhallad, his majesty will probably be coming to look him over soon. Lord Shershah, your father will probably accompany him so until then I will assign you some work to complete.”

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